The following was submitted by Ann Rugg, East Otto town clerk, to the Ellicottville Times. Comments and questions should be directed to Town Supervisor James Beach, P.O. Box 47, East Otto, NY 14729.

The June meeting of the East Otto Town Board was called to order at 8:14 p.m. by Supervisor James Beach on Tuesday June 9, 2015. Jim led the pledge to the Flag.

Present were councilmen Dave Forster, William Spors and Mike Poch, Highway Superintendent Tom Benz and CEO Jeff Holler. Councilman Rich Grey was excused.

Guests present were Bob Bowen, Michael and Leah Guerin and Constable Douglas Faulk

Michael and Leah Guerin again addressed the board concerning Traffic Street. They presented the Board with several documents which they feel support their position that Traffic Street by law should be maintained all year. They also presented documentation they feel supports their position that the signs, which are posted at both ends of the road and at the juncture where the road is closed, are placed illegally and should be removed each year when the road is opened.

A resolution was presented to establish the working hours for the Dog Control Officer Mary Dankert.

Highway: Tom reported that the cost of the insulation for the shop would be between $2,100 and $2,200 for 10-inch R-30 unfaced. The shop employees will install the insulation after it is purchased.

The shop employees did not get to the playground equipment replacement.

Tom got the OK from Burdock’s Blueberries for the reclamation of the gravel pit. The contractor has finished the work agreed upon, however the DEC has some concerns. It seems that the contractor dug down too far in some areas and now there is standing water. Also, the berm needs to be feathered down and the seeding was inadequate. The contractor will have to take care of these issues at his own expense.

Tom will take care of mulching after the reseeding is done. There is some additional work that was not part of the original bid on the Burdick side which needs to be done. Tom will speak to the contractor about doing the work as long as he will be there anyway.

Tom met with Jim Beach, Mr. Peterson, School Superintendent and Maria Stang, Director of Transportation at the Traffic Street turnaround. They discussed the buses turning around as well as the Town vehicles. Currently both are using Mr. Guerin’s driveway. Mr. Guerin has requested that the town maintain a specific number of feet at the end of the driveway if the town and school are planning to continue using it. Tom is waiting for DEC approval to create a new turnaround closer to the section of the road that is maintained seasonally. Tom also stated that he has been asked by Mr. Guerin to “turn a blind eye” to the fact that private citizens are plowing the seasonal limited use highway known as Traffic Street during the months that the town does not plow or maintain the road.

Tom spoke to legal counsel at the highway school he recently attended about Traffic Street. He was told that as long as access is not being denied to the property owner, the town is within their legal right to limit access to the road. Tom has been advised that if persons are plowing the road, they need to contact their insurance company and name the Town of East Otto as additionally insured. This means that they will assume the liability for plowing the road.

CEO Report: Jeff answered 16 calls, completed five inspections, four permits (1 cabin, 1 addition, 1 solar energy system and 1 pool) and issued one stop work order on Bowen Rd.

The Town needs to hire someone to be responsible for the entire process of setting up the summer Youth Program. It was suggested that the Town contact the Cattaraugus –Little Valley School for someone who might be interested. Ann will review the information and give applications to anyone interested.

Jeff Forster received 3 responses to his inquiries for quotes for the re-evaluation. He only received one quote from TSL Co. The Town will hire TSL Co. to begin the re-evaluation for $28,000.

Jim will draft a “Hold Harmless” agreement for anyone contracted to do business with or for the Town of East Otto.

There was some discussion on painting and scraping the town hall building. No one has responded to the inquiries made.

The EOPS have requested to use the Town Hall Property for their annual Community Day. They have requested to have the building be available for viewing for a few hours. The Board agreed to accept the request.

The Town will purchase the hotdogs, rolls and condiments for the celebration on July 25.

The mortgage tax apportionment was received in the amount of $5,469.96.

A letter was received from Jeff Forster withdrawing his resignation and was accepted by the board.

The next meeting will be July 14, 2015.

Dave asked that the Highway Dept. mow the field behind the Ball Diamond.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 p.m.