The organizational meeting and the first regular January meeting of the East Otto Town Board was brought to order by

Supervisor Ann Rugg on Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 8:10 PM.

Guests present were: Bob Bowen, Michael Guerin, Angie Sherman, and Sean Lexer.

Salaries and appointments were approved.

The following committees were adopted:


a.) Code of Ethics Committee-Michael Poch & Dave Forster

b.) Workplace Violence Prevention – Michael Poch

c.) Health Insurance Committee – David Forster & Sidney Barber

d.)Youth/Playground Coordinator – William Spors

e.) Emergency “911” house numbers coordinator – William Spors

Highway: Tom discussed with the board piggybacking a new truck from another town, using the box the town currently owns.

Tom told the board the differences and similarities of Dodge vs. Ford truck. He also researched the resale value of similar trucks with a box.

CEO report: Jeff issued 3 permits (2 pole barn permits and a campground), answered 13 phone calls, and gave the clerk

$250.00 for permits issued. Jeff reported to the board that a utility company wants to put up a monopole tower in the right away on Mason Hill Road. The pole would be used for widening broadband and cell phone range. The board will review the tower law. Jeff will schedule a representative from the utility company to come talk to the board at the next meeting.