The April meeting of the East Otto Town Board was called to order at 6:00 PM by Deputy Supervisor Dave Forster on Tuesday April 11, 2017.

Christopher Cantola from Mobilitie spoke regarding placing a 120’ steel pole in the right away on Plato Road. There were many questions and discussions from the town board and the public regarding the pole.

The information will be sent to the planning board for their review and recommendations.

The bid for the installation of a new one way reversible plow frame and plow on a new 2017 Diesel truck was awarded to Valley Fab.

There was no comment during the public hearing on the “Best Value” local law. The decision on the local law was tabled until the May meeting.

The bid for mowing the Town Hall property, ball diamond and historical building for the 2017 season was awarded to Deanna Bowen.

The bid for mowing the Brooklyn Cemetery for the 2017 season was awarded to ST&J Lawnscaping.

The town clerk read a letter from Aurilla Smith asking that the board take part in the Memorial Day parade.

DCO Mary Dankert has requested a fee be placed on owners of unlicensed dogs.

There still hasn’t been any response from the ads placed to fill the vacant BAR positions. Letters were sent to people that might have an interest in the BAR at this time there has been no response back.

Heather Harris was appointed to clean the Town Hall.

Highway: Discussion took place on the way bids are sent out and received.

New Business: Councilman Mike Poch stated that there have been 2 major accidents in a short period of time and he would like to see a 4 way stop at the intersection of Bowen Rd., Connoisarauley Rd. and County Rd. 12. He would also like to see the speed limit reduced from 45 to 30mph. and also reach out to the local Cattaraugus Sheriff Dept. to reinforce their appearance in town.

Tom said there are procedures to follow in order for these changes to be made and he will get information in regards to this.

Highway Superintendent Tom Benz stated the planning board and BAR board requires a certain number of hours of training each year and he recommends the town board also be required training.

CEO Report: Jeff completed 9 inspections, issued 1 permit, sent 2 violation notices, answered 11 phone calls.

Public Comment: Bob Bowen asked about the swimming program and gave contact information to Councilman Bill Spors. Dave suggested Bill call Bob Keyes town of Mansfield supervisor to find out information regarding the programs they provide for the children. Bill stated that he spoke to Tracy Stokes in regards to the East Otto kids going to Ellicottville for swimming and he will get an agenda with all of the information from her.

The next meeting will be May 9, 2017 at 6:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Deanna Bowen

Town Clerk