By Ron Kubicki, 

Director of Holiday Valley Snowsports School


Hey Folks! Well we are heading into the best time of the year for skiing the moguls. Once the sun is out it is higher in the sky, the snow softens up and those gnarly old bumps get much more user friendly.

There is any number of ways to ski the bumps. You will see the “zipper line” skiers who absorb everything with their knees and legs, controlling their speed by absorption. You may see the easy flow of another skier picking a path through bumps, picking a fun line and moving all over the mogul field, other may be skiing the troughs, some the sides, there are many different ways to enjoy and manage the bumps. The one thing to remember is no matter how you do it; if it is fun for you then it is the “right way”

But you always seem to end up watching and say you don’t know how to ski that fun terrain. Well the good thing about Holiday Valley is on every bump run there is generally a groomed area right next to a mogul field. Yodeler? Moguls “skiers right”, groomed “skiers left”. Same on Chute, Morning Star and even Falcon, though Falcon is generally bumpy “skiers left” and groomed “skier’s right”.  You can use this  as learning terrain. Go over to Morning Star and stop next to the beginning of the mogul field. You have moderate groomed slope next to some rather user friendly bumps. So simply make a turn in the groomed then turn into the bumps, turn back out, turn back in. Use the groomed turn to let you get realigned – “balanced athletic stance” – and prepare for where you enter the bumps. If you go over a bump, absorb with knees and ankles, keep your hands in front of you and your butt over your boots. Turn back out of bumps and turn back in. Do this with a rhythm and medium sized turns. Do this for several runs until you get the feeling of dealing variations of entering the moguls, are you entering on a bump, in a trough, over a side? Do this until you get a sense of reading the bumps. (To be continued next week…) From printed and video educational material of Professional Snowsports Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard instructors

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