Holiday Valley recently purchased eight Rossignol electric assist, or e-bikes, and will begin renting them this Friday, July 19 at Sky High Adventure Park.

An e-bike allows the rider to shift into three different power modes to assist with uphill climbing. Prices are $40 for a 2-hour rental, $55 for a 3-hour rental and $15 for each additional hour. Helmets included in the rental price. 

Holiday Valley’s e-bike trail begins at the Sky High Adventure Park Harness Shop and uses service roads and trails to go up through the resort, across the top and back down a ski slope. 

Riders are given a map and an introduction to the operation of the bike. They can practice shifting and can get familiar with riding on a gentle grass-covered slope near the Harness Shop. 

E-bike riders still have to pedal and the bikes allow them to choose the amount of power they need to zip up the hills and cruise over tough terrain in eco, trail or boost mode settings. Speed is controlled by pedaling, like a regular bike, but it feels really powerful and the bike accelerates easily. That’s the reason everyone from newbie to hardcore riders end up with a big smile on their face when they try an e-bike.

Bikes are available for rent from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, with the last 2-hour rental going out at 3 p.m.