Meet Shaemus

This sweet fella hasn’t had the best life.  His dad died and mom took him and the other dogs and locked them in the backyard in a kennel.  Shaemus was once a house dog and a member of the family but for a long time after his dads passing he had been neglected, afraid, cold and confused.

He was used to living with other dogs but Shaemus had never lived with cats and we are finding that he will try to chase them and go after them.  So a home without cats is required for him.  He may do ok with another large dog.  Shaemus is 4 years old and he has been fully vetted.

Shaemus needs a chance, he needs love, hope and someone to love.  He is a strong dog so he needs someone with some experience in handling dogs.  With a little bit of work Shaemus will be back to his old self and will make an excellent companion in the right situation.  Email us at if you are interested in adopting!