Eastern Freestyle Championships Day 2

Junior Moguls

FLITE Team’s Females dominated the field of 42 athletes as they went 1st-4th respectively; Elissa Cole, Lexi Crotty, Kenedy Cooper, Marissa Vasatka. In F4, Elissa, Kenedy, Marissa went 1-3; while Lexi Crotty took the top spot on the podium in the F3 Division.

Parker Johnston was the lone male in the Top 10 from the field of 59 men, finishing 5th overall, 4th in his age. He was only 0.67 points off the leader in the tight top 5 spots. Lucas Goodin finished 22nd overall; 12th in age, Reese Cooper 26th overall; 1st in age, Jared Smolinski 37th overall; 20th in age and Sean Ryan 38th overall; 16th in age.

Junior Mogul Results

Those recording personal best scores were: Elissa Cole, and Lexi Crotty

Those recording season best scores were: Reese Cooper

Young Guns Aerials

FLITE Team had great success placing 4 athletes in the Top 10 Young Gun Male Aerialist. Evan Dermott flew his way to the top overall, as well as his age; while Joseph Voelkl finished 3rd overall, as well as his age. Brandon Crotty finished 8th overall, 7th in age, while Matt Voelkl finished in 14th overall, 11th in his age.

Overall these young men executed in some of the worst conditions aerials can be performed in. Variable weather through-out the event challenged them, but they stepped up to the plate to really succeed!

Those recording personal best scores were: Evan Dermott and Joseph Voelkl