By Caitlin Croft

The Ellicottville Central School Board of Education on Aug. 14 appointed William Delity, previously an elementary teacher at ECS, as the next elementary school principal and director of curriculum.

Superintendent Robert Miller congratulated Delity and invited him to come sit at the board table. Delity thanked them for this opportunity, saying, “This is a blessing and honor to work for this school district that I love so much. I plan to emphasize an atmosphere that focuses on intrinsic and extrinsic accountability, engagement and most important fun.”

In other personnel news, the board approved:

• Jennifer Benjamin to the position of FTE special education teacher;

• Megan Emborsky to the position of FTE foreign language teacher; and

• Zachary Gelen to boys’ modified soccer coach for the upcoming school year.

ALSO AT the meeting, there was a motion to adopt the agenda with five additions; there was a second and ayes carried. Miller and High School Principal Erich Ploetz advised that preparations for the upcoming school year are well underway.

New Business: There was a motion to amend the following Board and District Committee Members; Budget – remove Debra Golley and add Robert Van Wicklin; Health & Safety – remove Robert Van Wicklin and add Nicole Klein. There was a second and ayes carried.

There was a motion to approve board members Debra Golley and Robert Van Wicklin to attend the NYSSBA Conference; there was a second and ayes carried.

There is concern of the upcoming cheerleading season. If there is not enough interest, it may be cancelled. Supt. Robert Miller advised we should wait until the first practice and see who actually shows up and make a decision then.

Policy: There was more discussion on the Meal Charge and Prohibition Against Meal Shaming and School Food Service Program. There was discussion of how to implement a credit card payment system. This would then allow for parents to check their balances. There was a motion to approve this policy #5660; a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to enter executive session; a second and ayes carried.

The board ended the meeting with an executive session.