by Lisa Tullett, 

Guest Contributor

I live in Oakville, Ontario,  Canada, with my four crazy kids and husband. My camera is always close by and I jump at the chance to use it. I love to photograph real life. Authentic moments that make a story special and unique. I truly believe that everyone has a story that needs to be told. Even if the story is just a pile of photos left behind in a shoebox. Someone will find it. Someone will treasure it. 

My husband grew up skiing. I did not. My husband has some incredible memories at HoliMont skiing. I do not … at least I didn’t until now.

In November 2013, our family made the decision to dive into the ski world with both feet. We rented a place on the hill, purchased our trial membership, and loaded up on all the gear. None of this seemed very real until I was buying my ski suit. I can admit now, that I was very nervous about how all of this was going to go.

Four kids … two have skied. Two have not. Two parents. One a great skier. The other not so much. Add in diapers, naps, packing for a family of six, waiting in line at the border, and the dreaded chairlift ride (totally freaked out by the getting on and getting off) and this Mommy was freaking out!

Our adventure began Dec. 28. We started slowly. Each kid had some time with Daddy on the hill getting comfortable, and I didn’t put my feet in a pair of ski boots until all four were good to go.

On our fourth day there, we headed out as a family. All six of us … skis, boots, poles. We drove to the learning hill and the kids were more than excited to see Mommy ski. They had all kinds of tips for me, but all I could think about was getting on and off that damn chairlift. The first few runs were much better than I had anticipated. Not only did I not fall on my face, but I actually felt pretty good.

Over the course of the day, the kids took me to some different hills. They raced down each one and I took my time. It was pretty cool to let my kids teach me for a change. I was in no rush to catch up. Life slowed down on the hill for me and I realize now how much I needed that.

During our holiday, things just got better and better. We got into a bit of a rhythm, we spent time with great friends, and discovered just how amazing this place is. It is a place where the whole family gets to play, a place where new things are learned every day, and a place where everyone is happy. Oh, and the après ski totally rocks!

I am so thankful that my husband Craig pushed me a little do something outside of my comfort zone. My good friend, Linda, told me that they really feel that joining HoliMont was one of the best decisions they have made as a family. I am right there with you, Linda.

Sadly, most of my ski pictures vanished from my phone. However, I did manage to capture some of the little moments on my big camera that made this trip so very cool.

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