Bob McCarthy is at it again bringing some unique entertainment to Ellicottville on Friday, July 18 as a kickoff to the Americana Folk Art & Music Fair. Remember Finnegan’s Wake last year, and Hillbilly Russian Roulette or Hillbilly Bingo in years past, well get ready for Dancin & Romancin capping off the Hillbilly NASCAR Race at the Rotary Auditorium and Ellicottville Town Center.

The evening will start at 7 p.m. with six crazy Hillbilly racing teams driving souped up lawn tractors. Well souped up is really not a good description — “beat up” would be a better one. The racing teams will have to use all their ingenuity to complete the course, which includes pit stops, hazards and some wild turns. Each team will race against each other and also be judged on the looks of both their machines and their racing outfits. I am sure that both will be over the top in this winner-take-all event.

Following the race, the real fun begins for the crowd and the racing teams as we move into the Rotary Auditorium and onto the newly built for a good old hillbilly country get together featuring the fabulous Twobadours. Make sure you ask Bob their name for this great night with special guests. They will serenade the crowd in true hillbilly fashion, so bring your sweetie or grab one that is there for some good old, down home dancin & romancin til the wee hours.

This fun party will be full of McCarthy’s surprises and entertainment as only he can conjure up. Complimentary beer and shine (wine) will be served and it is only $10 per person. That is a great night for a summer Friday that all can afford. Sponsored by the Rotary Club, this is a don’t-miss-it event.

A limited number of tickets will be sold, so pick up yours at the Gin Mill, Katy’s Café or E-ville Spirits as soon as you can. For more details, contact Bob at (716) 378-0916.