By Caitlin Croft

U14/U12 and select U10 athletes headed to Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY for Kandahar Champs. It consisted of one training day and one day of racing.

The first run was a Kombi run, which is a blend of Slalom and Giant Slalom; run two was a Giant Slalom. U14 State Championships were held at West Mountain in Queensbury, NY. Day one was a Super-G, day two a Giant Slalom and day three was a Slalom.

Kandahar Champs U14 Women: Sydney Hendricks of HoliMont took 4th place.

Kandahar Champs U14 Men: HoliMont’s Lachlan Deathe finished 8th and teammate Logan McCulloch took 22nd.

Kandahar Champs U12 Women: Madalyn Cummings of HoliMont took the top spot and teammate Mary Catherine Mangan walked away with the silver medal. Claire Rintoul (HO) placed 6th, Alexandra Smillie of Holiday Valley finished 9th and Leah Smillie (HV) took 12th.

Kandahar Champs U12 Men: Cameron Johnson of HoliMont finished 5th, Erick Shattenberg (HV) 8th, Buck Rathburn (HO) 11th, Dougie Basadur (HO) 14th, Maxwell Burget (HO) 15th, Harry Scanlon (HV) 16th, and Liam Ainslie (HO) 18th.

Kandahar Champs U10 Women: Olivia Cummings finished with the silver medal and finished an amazing 13th overall!

U14 State Championships Super-G Women: HoliMont’s Simona Muscarella finished 8th and teammate Nyah Solly took 11th. Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) placed 27th, Sarah Kelly (HO) 29th, Megan Peters (HO) 34th, Megan Williams (HV) 37th, Cece Carls (HO) 39th and Kate Carter (HO) 40th. HoliMont’s Isabella Stringer took 44th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 46th, Gianna Ferrara (HO) 51st and Rory Sauereisen (HV) 63rd.

U14 State Championships Super-G Men: Alexander Wojnowski of Holiday Valley finished 5th and teammate Reichen Morrisey took 8th. Mitchel Azcarate (HV) placed 23rd, Logan Kidd (HO) 24th, Will Knauss (HO) 25th and Ross Fuller (HV) 31st. Holiday Valley’s William Dunn took 44th, David Rintoul (HO) 45th, Ryan Scanlon (HV) 50th, Ian McKenna (HO) 55th, John Smillie (HV) 58th, Michael Turnbull (HO) 62nd and Dylan Potter (HV) finished 65th.

U14 State Championships Giant Slalom Women: HoliMont’s Isabella Stringer took 15th and teammate Nyah Solly took 13th and Megan Williams of Holiday Valley finished 36th. HoliMont ladies Gianna Ferrara, Sarah Kelly, Amanda Arteaga, Cece Carls and Kate Carter placed 40th, 41st, 42nd, 43rd and 45th respectively. Rory Sauereisen of Holiday Valley finished 53rd.

U14 State Championships Giant Slalom Men: Holiday Valley’s Alexander Wojnowski took another top ten finishing 8th. Ross Fuller (HV) placed 17th, Will Knauss (HO) 20th, Logan Kidd (HO) 29th and William Dunn (HV) 31st. Ian McKenna (HO) finished 34th, David Rintoul (HO) 35th, Michael Turnbull (HO) 38th, Ryan Scanlon (HV) 42nd, John Smillie (HV) 43rd and Dylan Potter (HV) 48th.

U14 State Championships Slalom Women: Caroline DeRose of Holiday Valley placed 13th, Nyah Solly (HO) 24th, Isabella Stringer (HO) 25th, Amada Arteaga (HO) 27th and Gianna Ferrara (HO) 30th. Megan Peters of HoliMont finished 36th, Megan Williams (HV) 43rd and Rory Sauereisen (HV) 47th.

U14 State Championships Slalom Men: Holiday Valley’s Alexander Wojnowski finished out this series with a silver medal! Logan Kidd of HoliMont placed 12th, David Rintoul (HO) 21st, Will Knauss (HO) 23rd, William Dunn (HV) 30th, Ian McKenna (HO) 34th and John Smillie (HV) 38th.

Moving on to the Francis Piche Memorial Race in Gilford, NH is Madalyn Cummings, Mary Catherine Mangan, Claire Rintoul, Alexandra Smillie and Sydney Hendricks for the women. Men moving on are Cameron Johnson and Erik Shattenberg.

Moving on the U12 Future Stars Camp are Carissa Dunlap, Francesca Ferrara and Leah Smillie. Men attending Future Stars are Buck Rathburn, Liam Ainslie, Dougie Basadur and Maxwell Burget.

Select athletes have been invited to attend a Slalom Camp in conjunction with Vermont athletes. Attending are Madalyn Cummings, Mary Catherine Mangan, Alexandra Smillie, Cameron Johnson and Erik Shattenberg is second alternate.

Alexander Wojnowski is moving on to U14 Eastern Championships.

Athletes attending the New York Vermont Giant Slalom Invitational Project are Caroline DeRose, Simona Muscarella, Nyah Solly and Isabella Stringer. For the men, Mitchel Azcarate, Logan Kidd and Will Knauss have been invited.

Congrats to all athletes who made it this far in their post-season journey and good luck to athletes who are continuing their season—we are all rooting for you!