By Alicia Dziak

Last week, the Ellicottville CTE BOCES cosmetology class toured Ellicottville salons, including the Ellicottville Salt Cave, The Edge Salon, Reflections, Oasis, Johnny the Barber, Rustix and Enix.

Instructor Tracy Guntrum explained that students need 1,000 hours to be licensed in New York State, and that even if they never miss a class, they still need additional hours. Because of this, the Center offers an optional 17-day/90 hour summer session, and some of this time is used to expose the students to salons. Prior to the Ellicottville tour, students were in Springville checking out five salons there.

Guntrum said that the shop owners, managers and stylists had to go through the same training as the students, and that it’s a great learning experience. “It opens their eyes up,” she said, “It’s nice for (the students) to meet owners and stylists and to hear them reiterate what I tell them.” She added that it’s also a good opportunity for networking, as students must also take part in an internship.

CTE students hail from many area school districts, including Ellicottville, Springville, Randolph, Catt-Little Valley, Salamanca and Franklinville.