By Alicia Dziak

Last week, Caitlin Croft was appointed to Ellicottville’s Town Planning Board. The position was open after a vacancy was left by the resignation of another board member.

“The seat was open due to a resignation, which was perfect timing for me as I have been itching to get involved for some time now,” Croft said. “I happen to cover the Town Planning Board meetings for this great publication and that is how I initially found out. One week later I updated and submitted my resume,” said Croft.

Croft is no stranger to Ellicottville, and if you live or play in EVL, you’ve probably seen her around or at least recognize her name. “Currently, I assist Cathleen Pritchard and Melanie Pritchard of ERA Team VP Real Estate and am a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. In addition to the day time gig, I write for the Ellicottville Times and Springville Times, Snowed-In and The Summer Local,” Croft said. “I also bartend a Finnerty’s Tap Room on Thursdays and have coached ski racing at Holiday Valley for five seasons now. Working in so many different atmospheres I feel I am able to communicate effectively with a vast cross section of people. Also, being a local-ish transplant, I can identify with all of the types of people that are attracted to this amazing area.”

Croft said her desire to be part of the Town Planning Board came from her passion for this community. “When I was very young traveling to Alpine Ski Races at Holiday Valley or HoliMont, my mom would always wake me up just as we got to the double lanes by Plato Road. When we hit the Silver Fox billboard, it would wash over me— ‘I am in Ellicottville!’” she said. “There is something unique about this area that pulls you to it.”

Corft, who has covered Village Planning Board meetings for the Ellicottville Times for a few years, said, “I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in one day after the first month (I covered a meeting). Recently, I was given the opportunity to cover the other three boards (Town Board, Village Board and Town Planning Board) in Ellicottville and only fell in love with the process even more. I do not think many people realize what it takes to preserve the Town of Ellicottville and maintain the ethos that continues to draw people in.”

Croft looks forward to the year ahead. “My initial goals are to learn,” she said. “There is a wealth of knowledge on the Town Planning Board and having the chance to learn from this board is an experience I look forward to.”

Croft will finish out the remainder of the vacant term serving until the end of 2018. “When that time comes I hope my year of experience will deem me even more qualified to continue to serve,” she stated.