The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of all our members, is proud to report that we have again set another record for overnight stays in Ellicottville!

In the final quarter of 2017, Ellicottville surpassed its best fourth quarter results and equaled its best year overall with just under 60 percent of all county lodging revenues coming from Ellicottville. Of the total county wide collections of $806,000, just under $469,000 came from Ellicottville’s hotels B &Bs and condos.

“It’s a combination of great events, an amazing blend of retail, restaurants, nightlife and a consistent marketing effort by the Chamber,” said Brian McFadden, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. “We are fortunate to have two top notch ski areas and especially all of the summer activities offered at Holiday Valley.”

In 2017, the Chamber’s 11 multi-day festivals and events continued to grow and draw overnight visitors. With the addition of the first annual Lacrosse Festival held in September, we are sure to see continued growth. The lacrosse event drew 38 teams in its first year of a five-year contract with over 2,000 visitors attending.

Not being an organization to rest on its laurels, stay tuned for more in 2018.