By Caitlin Croft

The April 2018 Meeting of the Village Planning Board opened with a welcoming of Sean Cornelius, the newest member of the VPB.

Next, there was a motion to approve the March 2018 minutes; there was a second and they were approved.

Old Business: PB-2018-04: 36 Washington – Madigan’s. This is a proposed deck on the front of the building that will require a Special Use Permit for outdoor dining. It will also need an Architectural Design Review, Historical District Review and a Site Plan Review pending a ZBA Application. The zoning issue arises from the building being adjacent to a side street. The needed 20’ setback currently cannot be met. The other concern is this would be built over a public Department of Transportation right of way and the Village Board cannot grant final approval until a resolution from the DOT has been received. The engineer working on the project is wary of sending in the necessary applications to the DOT because it could trigger an Encroachment Study which would affect all businesses in the district. He is hopeful to have more information for next month’s meeting as there are a few possible solutions one of which would relinquish jurisdictional control from the curb to the face of the building from the DOT to the Village. There was a motion to table this matter due to needing more information from the DOT and the Variance issue; there was a second and it was tabled.

New Business: SP-2018-02: 23 Washington for a hanging sign. This is a sign permit for a stainless steel sign to be hung from the existing balcony. Cut out of it is 23 Washington so there will be nothing applied to the steel. There was a motion to approve; a second and the sign permit was approved.

PB-2018-03: 17 Parkside Drive for a Single Family Residence. This residence is in the medium density district and is allowed. This is subject to a Site Plan and Architectural Design Review. All dimensional requirements have been met and all materials are allowable. The windows will be double hung and there will be four exterior lights, two on the front and two on the back. This is a Type 2 Action under the State Environmental Quality Review requiring no further action and is exempt from referral to the County Planning Board. There was a Motion to set the Public Hearing on the Site Plan for the May 8 meeting; there was a second and the hearing was set. There were questions from the engineer on the project regarding minor changes to the Architectural Design before the next month’s Public Hearing. The board is comfortable with minor changes to the window and door placement so long as it is received by the deadline of two weeks prior to the meeting.

PB-2018-05: 5 Van Buren a Garage Addition. This is subject to an Architectural Design Review and no Public Hearing is required. This is a Type 2 Action under SEQR requiring no further action and is exempt from referral to the County Planning Board. One letter from the public was received asking that the matter be tabled so the Homeowner’s Association could be informed. There is question of the validity of the HOA and whether these covenants presented needed to be adhered to. Sandy Reed advised that the job of the Planning Board is only to measure a project to their Laws and Standards. It is between the HOA and homeowner to navigate any deed or covenant restrictions. All requirements for the Architectural Design Review have been met. There was a motion to approve the plans without any modifications and decision notice does not absolve the homeowner from meeting any other private deed restrictions. There was a second and it was approved.

There was a motion to close the meeting; a second and the meeting was closed.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be May 8th at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall.