By Ray Mansfield, BOCES Student

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On January 10, 2014, Mrs. Scrivo’s 12:1:1 Job Coach Class visited Sugartown Farm in Ellicottville. Sugartown Farm is an alpaca farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Herman. Alpaca are an animal from South America and are related to the camel. They have 40 alpacas and breed them to make money. They also sell things that are made from alpacas such as socks, gloves and blankets. They have different color alpaca and white is the most popular because it is easy to dye.

Chores are done twice a day on the alpaca farm. Alpacas are cheap to feed. It cost about $200 – $300 to feed an alpaca for a year, compared to a cow or steer, which cost about $800 – $1,000 a year.

Sugartown Farm sell their alpacas at auctions, as well as through magazine ads and their website. Selling an alpaca at auction costs $2,000 and it includes transportation, food, bedding, and a place to stay until the auction day for the animal. To buy an alpaca can be expensive depending on the fiber. Alpaca at auction can easily cost $10,000.

We had a wonderful time visiting Mr. and Mrs. Herman’s farm and store. If you would like to learn more about alpacas, I would suggest that you visit their website ( or stop by.