Ho Ho Ho, Let it Snow and a Happy New Year to all. Both Holiday Valley and Holimont are up and running. Christmas was great. The weather is cooperating. So The FUN Times here in Ellicottville are on the rise. Adding to these FUN times, for the week beginning Friday December 28, 2012 thro January 3, 2013, we will have eleven Bands, seven DJ’s, plus all the food and beverage specials offered by our FUN clubs and eateries. Check The Ellicottville Times for more details.

With ski season up and running, The Depot will have their Sound System playing neat tunes, along with several new and old Ski Movies all the hours they are open.

The first band performance of the week will begin at 7:00 PM Friday in Balloons when Black Widow takes the stage. The Black Widow Band, with Lana on lead vocals, offers one of the most diversified and interesting song lists you will ever experience. This neat band does everything from classic rock to country and oldies to alternative or contemporary rock. Following Black Widow, Personable DJ John Barry will take over the party from Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his really FUN, LIVE Personality Show Off Show. This show includes neat danceable tunes and FUN chit/chat till close.

Friday’s FUN rounds out with two gigs. First The Gin Mill will have country singer-songwriter Sean Patrick McGraw in house. Sean has been the opening act for several big name country musicians. He performs and brings on as his billing says, It’s a Beer Drinking Sean Patrick McGraw Singing Country Kinda Night. The Gin Mill, this Friday, will be a really JUMPIN place. Also, on weekends, The Gin Mill serves their excellent, reasonably priced menu, including a super Friday Fish Fry, till midnight.

Then at 10:00 PM Friday, Madigans will have Chance The DJ spinning FUN, danceable tunes and providing pleasant conversation in Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar.

Moving to Saturday at 5:00 PM, Balloons will host a performance by The Strangers. Again, this will be the four-piece version of this great band. Mitch on lead vocals & bass, Jerry on lead guitar & vocals and Bud on keys & vocals will again be joined by drummer & vocalist, Jeff . As we experienced last month, The Strangers have created new music mix that makes their excellent sound even better. Following The Strangers, DJ Flakey Frank, The Party Monster, will take over from Balloons Sound & Light Booth. Frank, on leave from “The Disoriented DJ Home”, will keep the party going with danceable tunes, along with his all-ages’ friendly chatter till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday The Gin Mill will have The Joe Wagner Band in house. The four-piece version of this great band will feature Gary Boldt on lead guitar, Stuart Shapiro on drums, Joe Wagner and the return of Gary London on bass. With the return of Gary London, besides the wonderful selection of folk to southern rock tunes they do so well, we should be able to hear some neat versions of Pink Floyd. As always, The Gin Mill Good Music Times will be happening this Saturday.

Saturday’s FUN continues at 10:00 PM in Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar where Chance The DJ will again be playing neat, danceable tunes till close.

Sunday being the last Bills Game of the year, just maybe they will knock off The Jets, which will make The Gin Mill’s Sunday 8:00 PM, Two Guys Drinking Beer Gig even more FUN. Ron and Terry, who are the two guys, will, as always, create a very FUN Gin Mill Music Party Night with their neat selection of acoustic folk to classic rock tunes and general silliness that always accompanies The Two Guys Drinking Beer.

Monday, being New Years Eve, will have two bands, three DJ’s plus all the FUN party time that always happens on New Years Eve here in Ellicottville. The first Monday band begins at 7:00 PM in Balloons with Steel Keys & Brass. This four piece group consisting of acoustic guitar, keys, sax, bass and percussion, with one or more on vocals, was the opening act for “Rusted Root” on Friday night of The 2011 Summer Festival. Following Steel Keys & Brass, DJ Flakey Frank, “The Party Monster”, will return from The Disoriented DJ Home to carry on the party with his all ages friendly, chit-chat, tune selection and unique style from Balloons New Sound & Light Booth till close in 2013.

Returning to 8:00 PM Monday, New Years Eve, The Gin Mill will have Ray D. O’Flyer on their music stage. Ray D O’Flyer, or Radio Flyer, as they are known, is a neat Honky Tonk Oldies to Retro Rock N Roll Band playing tunes from the fifties and sixties in a way that always returns us to the FUN of Rock N Oldies Weekend. This neat Gin Mill Band will usher in 2013 with another excellent Gin Mill Music Night.

Moving to 9:00 PM New Years Eve, Personable DJ John Barry will be doing another of his really FUN & LIVE, Personality Show-Off Shows from Holiday Valley’s New Main Lodge. John’s gig will be in conjunction with Holiday Valley’s Torch Light Parade, which will take place around Midnight as we usher in 2013.

Then at 10:00 PM on New Years Eve Madigans Upstairs Party Bar will be jumpin along with Chance The DJ who will be providing tunes and FUN for those who enjoy dancing and the good times that always happen in Madigans Upstairs Party Bar. 

Moving to Wednesday at 8:00 PM Joe Wagner and Friends will return to The Gin Mill with their acoustic folk to southern rock music show. Joe’s friends will probably include Bongos Freddie, Retro Lil Joey and Gary London. What we do know is the great wings and FUN music will make Wednesday a neat night to visit The Gin Mill

Thursday will also be a busy night with three Bands and Karaoke DJ Show. We get started at 8:00 PM in two places. First The PUB in Great Valley will have DJ Felony along with his Karaoke Show will be doing his regular Thursday gig. Therefore, The PUB Patrons may be part of the show or just kick back, while enjoying The Local & FUN PUB Good Times.

Also at 8:00 PM Thursday The Gin Mill will have Freddie & Friends doing another weekly version of The Moments Notice Band. The music, as always, will be excellent Classic to Country Rock. Just who will be performing won’t be known until they start the gig. All we know for sure is The Gin Mill will be ROCKIN on Thursday.

Then at 9:00 PM Thursday Balloons will have a new band for Ellicottville, Randle and The Late Night Scandals or as they are also known The R.A.T.L.N.S.  From their website, here is an eclectic sounding band fusing many genres of music unlike anything you’ve recently heard. They seamlessly blend timeless classics with the modern sounds of today. This fine tuned mix will create a neat Balloons Music Night.

Also at 9:00 PM Thursday, Madigans will have Ellicottville’s Favorite and most popular Party Rock Band, The Party Squad back for another show of their twenty-first year doing this Winter Madigans Gig. Again, they will be playing tunes and creating good times for The Partygoers Assembled in Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar with their really FUN MUSIC STYLE, as they do every Thursday all winter long.

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