mike&patti‘Most People Doing a Headstand Simultaneously in One Place’

They’ve become a local sensation and everyone is doing them! Doing what? Headstands, that is, and on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, at 12 p.m., Headstands for Humanity & Holiday Valley Resort invite you, your family, friends, schools and groups to take part in a unique charitable event to break the Guinness World Record for “Most People Doing a Headstand Simultaneously in One Place.”

The current World Record is 265 people, set in Germany in 2008, and with your involvement and some practice, the group said they think they can shatter the old record.

The event is to be held at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, N.Y., and will be recorded by an aerial photo shoot arranged by Patty Watson, who recently organized human tree- and heart-shaped photos in the area.

“I love kids and want to help them find opportunities that we didn’t have ourselves,” said Mike Paterniti, organizer of Headstands for Humanity.

Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for Headstand Stewards in your area to take the lead as organizer(s), to build the excitement and recruit!

There will be a $10 minimum participant donation, everyone is encouraged to hold their own individual or team pledge drive, where parties may collect unlimited pledges of $1, $5, $10 or more.

There will be a top prize for the individual and team who raises the most money! Visit our website to pre-register and to access our Pledge Sheet/Flyer available for print at www.headstandsforhumanity.com. Form your team, give it a name and start your pledge drive today!

The Rules

Participants must be in deemed in good physical health (check with your doctor). You are strongly encouraged to practice and to be able to hold a “good form” headstand for 30 seconds.

Guinness World Record guidelines are:  

1.  A headstand only counts if the head is on the ground with the legs raised vertically above them in a straight line with the body, and either the hands or forearms flat on the ground, or the hands straight at the sides of the body.
2. Legs must be straight and together.
3. If a participant ceases to be in the headstand position at any point during the designated time period, they will be disqualified. For the purposes of this record, “simultaneous” means that all the participants must headstand within five seconds of a signal being given. Only those who achieve this within this five-second window may be counted, all others do not count towards the final total.
4. Participants must simultaneously headstand, holding for a minimum of 15 seconds. Any performers who do not participate fully for the entire time must be deducted from the final total. There is NO age limit.

A how-to practice tutorial video is available at www.headstandsforhumanity.com/videos. Organizers are asking people not to sign up for this event if they have not already practiced and have proven to themselves that they can hold a 30-second headstand!

To get inspired, check out the Headstands for Humanity Facebook page and you may recognize some very familiar faces doing headstands in some very interesting places — over 127 of them. Go ahead and send them yours today.

About Headstands for Humanity

Headstands for Humanity, is a new local not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide underserved and special needs children opportunities to participate in various fun and new pursuits that open them to the wondrous possibilities life has to offer.

They are a grassroots organization in infancy and are developing fundraising strategies by the day and will focus on events, pledge drives, tours, clinics, posters, calendars, books, school fundraising, speaking engagements etc.

Headstands for Humanity is currently in the application process of forming its own non-profit status. Paterniti said donations collected from the event will be split to support the Lounsbury Adaptive Ski/Board program at Holiday Valley, which teaches many children to enjoy the slopes, as well as the Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail (with funds earmarked to benefit children using the trail). For more information, email Mike Paterniti at mikep@headstandsforhumanity.com , visit our website www.headstandsforhumanity.com or call (814) 558.0251.

We’ll see you at Holiday Valley Resort on Saturday, Nov. 2!