By Victoria Detmering

Winter is a very exciting time of year for us in Ellicottville and the surrounding area, when skiing and boarding are the go-to weekend activities to enjoy with family and friends. So grab your skis and/or board and head to Holiday Valley or HoliMont for a great time on the slopes! But before you do, check out the following apps that will enhance your adventure.

Ski Tracks- GPS Track Record is an award winning winter sports application. It’s available for iOS and Android and costs $0.99. It records up to 14 hours of footage tracking your snow experience! Many diehard skiers out there would be interested to know that the app gives a run-by-run ski analysis, too. For less than a dollar, this handy little app helps you improve your skiing/snowboarding techniques. You can even post your track on Facebook or Google Earth.

If you’re worried that this app may waste too much of your battery, fear not! It’s designed to use less power so it can last all day, and if your battery is low, it will stop tracking. All you have to do is press the start button on your phone screen, put you phone back into your pocket and ski/snowboard down the hill! It is that simple, the app continues to track you all day without you having to do more than push a button.

Are you a bit inexperienced on the slopes or would love to learn a bit more without the help of an instructor? Look no further than your smartphone! With the app SkiTips Lite, you can learn all the newest moves for free! It’s available for iOS and Android. It offers the latest, easy-to-follow lessons. All you have to is watch a short video and then you can try it out for yourself immediately on the slopes. You can even have your phone in your pocket and the app will still guide you down the mountain repeating the instructions.

This app is great for those that want to brush up on boarding/skiing while you’re right on the mountain. It’s a hands-on approach that even a novice can follow. Your family and friends will be impressed at the new techniques you’ve learned and it could be your little secret, if you so wish. Simply put, it is a ski instructor for your pocket. What more could you want?

Then we have the AlpineReplay app. All you snow junkies out there who were counting down the days until you could head to the slopes, it’s time for you to get the AlpineReplay ski and snowboard app. Men’s Health magazine has ranked this as the # 1 winter sports app. It is available through iOS and Android users and is free. With this app, you can measure your speed, calories, jumps, airtime, distance and more. It was created by skiers and snowboarders, for skiers and snowboarders, so you should not be disappointed.

With the following apps, you should be more than prepared to set off for the slopes to enjoy nature’s bounty in Ellicottville.