OLEAN — CeCe Carls, a fourth grade student at Southern Tier Catholic School (STCS), took over for STCS’s Principal Mykal Karl for a day. CeCe, daughter of Jim Carls and Dina DiPasquale from Ellicottville, N.Y., was able to experience this unique opportunity because her parents placed a bid and won the schools’ Gala Auction prize, “Principal for a Day.”

As principal for a day, CeCe was part of the school’s administrative staff and participated in important executive meetings.

CeCe said, “I liked to listen to their plans while I was in the meetings.”

CeCe’s list of responsibilities went on. She helped proofread the elementary school yearbook, assisted Leadership Director Ron DeCarli with a safety walkthrough of the school, signed requisition forms with the Business Manager Linda Baker, assisted Office Manager Jessica Policastro plan the next week’s schedule and, finally, she made the opening welcome announcement from the principal at the school pep rally that day.

Mrs. Policastro said, “I thought that it was a good experience for one of our students to see the behind-the-scene workings and what goes into running a school.”

As a special guest principal, she also had the pleasure of choosing her favorite food for the luncheon — pizza!

CeCe said her favorite part of the day was going in to see what her classmates were doing while she was filling the principal’s shoes.

She said, “I think it was a good experience, and I’m very happy my parents won that for me.”

Principal Mykal Karl said, “It was a privilege and an honor to allow a student to take on roles of responsibility and to grow in this school.”