Explore your local historical museums this summer to discover the fascinating history of our area, Cattaraugus County. You will be amazed at the knowledge of our Historians and Curators as well as the wealth of information, including genealogical researches housed in the local museums.

In the great words of Michael Crichton: “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything.  You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree”.

The local museums are presenting a Summer Speaker Series as an introduction to what they do, who they are and what the museum holds for visitors.  Since many have limited hours, this is a great way for you to meet and explore the fascinating history of this area.

You may be familiar with the larger events in our history, such as Cloud 9, Fentier Village or the Randolph Mammoth, but do you know some of these facts that will be discussed at these events?

• Boys and Girls used to have separate entryways and had separate cloakrooms in the old one-room schoolhouses.

• If you had been traveling through Bedford Corners (Rt. 305 Portville) about a hundred years ago, two of the buildings that you would have passed are the Bedford Corners Cheese Factory and the Bedford Corners Schoolhouse, Joint School No. 7.  They are both currently being restored by the Portville Historical Society.

• The word “Juneteenth” comes from the melding of June and Nineteenth, or June 19th, the day that slavery ended in Galveston, TX, in 1865.

• Cadiz is home to a home that is over 200 years old, being called the Howe-Prescott Salt-Box House.

• The Castle Restaurant (1946-2001). Olean claimed it, but it was physically located in Allegany on Route 417, on the Olean border. The Castle was a focal point of the Southern Tier in its time, the site of countless wedding receptions, business luncheons and sports banquets.

Here are the dates, times and locations you need to know:

May 18th, 7pm at the Mansfield Area Historical Society Museum – “What is Juneteenth?”

June 24th, 11am – 7pm at the JCC Olean Campus with the African American Center for Cultural Development – “Juneteenth”  Special presentation by re-enactor at 11am.

July 22nd, 11am at the Portville Historical Society/Bedford Corners – “Open house and presentation of the One Room Schoohouse”.

Aug 7th, 11am at the Allegany Heritage Center – General history of Allegany.

Sept 16th, 10am at the Howe-Prescott House in Cadiz – Heritage Day Celebration.

For more information on this event please visit http://HistoricPath.com/events.