Tim & Bonnie's Pizza-Daughter Tiffany Frentz M

By Deb Everts

Nothing goes together better than pizza and bowling. With that in mind, owners Tim and Bonnie Garey have two pizzeria/bowling alley combo businesses — one in Springville and one in Ellicottville.

The couple opened their Springville business nearly a decade ago where they have a 12-lane bowling alley attached to their pizzeria. They opened the second business in EVL Square at Bristol Lane in November 2012. Like the Springville location, the pizzeria and bowling alley are also attached and easily accessible to each other for the convenience of customers. Each location has 20-25 employees.

Their daughter, Tiffany Frentz, who is the general manager, said business is going well, especially in winter because people can only ski for so long. She said business can sometimes be hit or miss, even when there is lack of snow.

“The pizza/bowling combination has worked out great at both locations. It’s definitely nice when it goes hand-in-hand. When people bowl, they usually want something to eat or snack on,” she said. “Sometimes it’s vice versa because they think they are just stopping in to have something to eat and discover there is also something to do.”

Although Ellicottville is a resort town, the pizza and bowling business there is not necessarily busier. Frentz said their Springville location definitely stays busier all year-round because there is a higher residential population and they get a lot of parties.

“Every year, we have a group that does a Daytona 500 party so, yes, we get a lot of different kinds of parties out there, as opposed to our Ellicottville location where we’re getting mostly the families that are on vacation or are up for the weekend kind of thing,” she said.

Frentz said the Ellicottville menu has expanded quite a bit since they first opened. They now offer fish fries every day of the week and have added broiled fish to the menu. Other recent additions include some sandwich options: a fish sandwich, a big cheeseburger sandwich, a chicken breast sandwich and their big seller, the roast beef on kimmelweck. All salads are homemade and fresh.

The EVL bowling alley has eight state-of-the-art lanes and a video arcade that the family tries to keep fresh by taking out the less popular video games and bringing in new ones to try to change it up a bit.

Tim and Bonnie really know the pizza business and have been at it for a long time. Frentz said it’s probably been about 40 years, if not longer, because her father was making pizza way before she was born. He’s been making pizzas since about the age of 14.

For more information about Tim and Bonnie’s in Ellicottville, call 699-9021 and 699-9025 for the bowling alley. To reach the Springville facility, located at 385 S. Cascade Dr., call 592-9001 for bowling and 592-9900 for food orders.