Board Reviews Hwy. Job Applicants  

By Jann Wiswall

In his last meeting as Town of Ellicottville Supervisor, John Burrell worked with the board to finalize two highway department position descriptions and take care of some last minute details regarding an invoice for equipment rental and the purchase of a replacement pump for the wastewater treatment plant. The pump purchase decision will be made in January after incoming town supervisor Matt McAndrew takes office.

McAndrew will be sworn in on Jan. 1.

The board reviewed the proposed job descriptions for two highway department positions: the Highway Superintendent and the Working Supervisor. Few issues were noted regarding the Superintendent description, but several board members felt that the working supervisor description needed some tweaking. They felt that it needed to be clearer that the working supervisor is expected to personally drive and maintain vehicles and perform substantial snow removal and road repair work in addition to managing day-to-day work assignments, scheduling, instruction, weather monitoring and related work.

The working supervisor will report to the highway superintendent, who likely will be Mark Alianello. Alianello, who will work on a contract basis as highway superintendent with high-level planning, oversight, budgeting and project management responsibilities, worked with the board to define this job description. Alianello will also retain his position as the town’s engineer and will continue to run his engineering firm, MDA Engineers.

His appointment is expected to be made by McAndrew and the board at a reorganizational meeting scheduled for Monday, Jan. 4.

Burrell asked the board if it was concerned that there will not be a highway superintendent on staff from Jan. 1-4. The board will ask acting deputy superintendent Frank Moore, whose term technically ends Dec. 31, to stay on in the acting position until the new superintendent is appointed on Jan. 4.

Following this discussion, the board dismissed the media and others in order to hold a private executive session to discuss certain personnel issues and to review the ten applications it had received for the working supervisor job opening. The board intended to select its top candidates from the applicants to come in for interviews. Burrell excused himself from the candidate review.


Burrell Recognized for Service to Community

Board member Steve Crowley closed the Dec. 16 regular meeting of the Town of Ellicottville board with the following statement: “I move to adjourn the meeting in recognition of Supervisor John Burrell’s eight years of service to the town as Supervisor and acknowledge the many accomplishments, including the Town Center, highway facility, Holiday Valley Road, East Tank project, and the prudent fiscal management John has achieved with the Board for the betterment of the community.”

Burrell’s term ends Dec. 31.