By Joanne Duke

The Ellicottville Memorial Library will be 53 years old this June 2014. The library has been located in many places in the village, and as the village grew bigger, the library grew smaller.

So a fundraising project began, and in November of 2006, the Ellicottville Library had a brand new building, now located at 6499 Maples Rd., directly across for the American Legion.

Enter Laura Flanagan, who was hired in the summer of 2006 to take the helm as director and librarian. And take the helm she did.

Laura, her husband Tim (a NYS forest ranger) and their two children, Sarah and Mark, moved to Ellicottville in 1996. Laura holds a degree in Wildlife Management and Forestry and was in management for many years.

A Few Statistics 

Since Laura has been in charge of the “new” library, the amount of library cardholders went from 375 to 2,786. The library has 6 stationary computers, 7 laptops 1 Kindle, 2 iPads, and a touch screen computer in the children’s area. Computer usage went from 2,080 to 7,378. Library visits went from 4,298 to 30,144. Can you say WOW?!

What You Can Borrow

Cardholders can take out books, audio books and magazines. They can download eBooks to their devices and take out movies from the very large collection. They can even make copies, send a fax and enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee (in many flavors).

There is a wonderful area with a fireplace and a leather sofa to relax that all are encouraged to use and enjoy. There is a separate room for anyone to use when privacy is needed.

Cardholders are able to borrow books, audio books, videos, and magazines for up to three weeks, and items not available at the Ellicottville Library can be easily sent from surrounding libraries. Becoming a cardholder is easy and FREE.


The library offers many programs, most free, some at a nominal fee such as book club, story time, night sky classes, exercise classes, craft classes, children’s music program, movie nights and book sales.

Community Room

The library is open to suggestions of programs you would like to see available. Speaking of the Community Room, it is available to the public for community events. You will need to check with Laura about the use of the room and its availability.

Theater Program

Once a year the library sponsors “Winter Theater in Ellicottville” that always corresponds with the Christmas in Ellicottville weekend. This year the library sponsored “Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings,” which was held at St. Paul’s Church on Nov. 30.

Rare Book Sale

New this year, through the generous donations of many books, the library had acquired a number of rare books. The books have been researched and are being offered to the public at a nominal price, some very good deals can be found.

The Ellicottville Memorial Library is located at 6499 Maples Road/ PO Box 1226, Ellicottville, NY 14731. For information call (716) 699-2842 or email Hours are: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., and Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.