Buffalo, NY — Buffalo Arts Studio (BAS) is a not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio space and regular public exposure for regional, national, and international artists through exhibitions, and to enrich the community with art classes, mural programs, and public art.  Exhibitions, public art projects, and classes help the studio serve as a cultural center.

BAS offers a range of programs, facilities, and events available to everyone.  Each year, there are 6-8 solo and group exhibitions held in the galleries, including the Annual Artists Exhibit and Sale, as well as the Members Exhibition, to be held for the first time February 28 through March 22, 2014.  In addition to exhibitions, BAS has an award-winning education program, which helps beginner and advanced youths and adults to develop artistically.  We are a vibrant and artistic community that never fails to organize fun-filled events—look forward to our annual events Trimania, Plates & Pasta, Galaxy Gala, M&T Fourth Fridays @ Tri-Main Center, and Founding Fathers Quiz Night:  Special Arts Edition.

Buffalo Arts Studio membership offers something for everyone.  There are many perks to becoming a member, such as receiving e-mail invitations to all exhibitions and events, as well as invitations to participate in the annual Members Exhibition and annual members meeting.  There is also a one-time 10% discount on a class or workshop; free workshops are available with the artistic director on how to create impactful portfolios and submit compelling proposals to galleries.

BAS offers several levels of membership with varying prices to meet every budget.  All perks mentioned above remain the same for students, seniors, individuals, and families.  There are additional benefits for organizations, namely reduced admission fees at Trimania, Plates & Pasta, Galaxy Gala, and other special events, as well as a 10% discount on private gallery tours.  To join as a supporter, one receives everything mentioned above, plus reduced facilities rental fees and an invitation to an exclusive appreciation event with directors and staff members, at which complimentary food and wine will be served.  At the corporation level, members will enjoy all of the perks mentioned above, plus a listing on the sponsor page of our website and a special sponsor listing in the exhibition catalogue immediately following the donation.  Lastly, the benefactor level entitles the member to all of the above mentioned perks, plus a special sponsor listing in all exhibition catalogues for one season.

Enticed to be a member of Buffalo Arts Studio?  Be sure to check out our website at www.buffaloartsstudio.org for more information on our events and programs and sign up to be a part of our lively arts community!

Please visit www.buffaloartsstudio.org/membership or call (716) 833-4450 x13 for further inquiries.