By Alicia Dziak

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bertrand Chaffee Hospital (BCH) recently announced the addition of 3D mammography, also called digital tomosynthesis, to services provided in its Imaging Department.

To help get the word out, BCH is featuring a new ad campaign, which can be seen in the pages on the Springville Times and Ellicottille Times.

“We just wanted something that would catch someone’s eye. It started with 3D glasses and it evolved from there,” said Annette Kaleta of BCH, who organized the ad campaign.

The kids donning the 3D glasses are those of BCH’s very own Dr. Davison, who took the photos of Maksim, Mila and Madden himself. Kaleta noted that the most challenging part of that photo shoot was “Trying to keep the glasses on straight. Dr. Davison did not succeed with Madden!”

A second ad features two dogs, who belong to Kaleta’s brother. “The dogs are Ruby and Diamond. They are Belgium Malmois and have won many ribbons in dog shows,” said Kaleta. The photos were taken at their home in Woodbridge, VA. “The dogs are so well trained that the toughest part was getting the exact shot I wanted,” she added. “He sent me probably 15 pictures to choose from and I kept letting him know he was getting closer to what I was looking for.”

For more information about the new equipment and the Imaging Department at BCH, visit www.bertrandchaffee.com.