By Caitlin Croft

During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board (TPB), the first matter discussed was the tabled project PB-2017-01 Greystone Apartments. The project, located on NYS 242 E, is up for Site Plan Review including a landscape plan, Architectural Review and Special Use Permit.  The proprietor of this project, Phil Vogt, plans to build apartments behind the Greystone Townhouses.

There will be two, two-story buildings on a total of 1.56 acres. In each building, there will be six units, two on the first floor and four on the second floor. Each building will be roughly 3,700 sq. ft. This piece of property does not have access to NY 242 and therefore will need an easement to get over the land of the Greystone Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Access has been addressed with a drafted easement to be signed by all parties within the HOA. All set-backs, height requirements and parking concerns have been addressed and the standards have been met.

The Storm Water Management Plan is being worked out in conjunction with the Town Engineer. Currently, utility easements are being worked out. There will be minimal impact on the wetlands and therefore, the proprietor has applications in for approval from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Last month, there was a concern regarding the driveway width and it has been addressed so that it meets Fire Code Regulations. There were also two parking spots added per Town Planner, Gary Palumbo’s recommendations. A revised Photometric Plan was provided along with a revised Landscaping Plan. Both plans have satisfied the requirements of the TPB.

There was a motion to approve the Site Plan, Architectural Review and Special Use Permit with the following conditions: Town Engineer must give final approval on Site Plan, Storm Water Management System & Water/Sewer Plan, Sign will be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer, Access Easements must be worked out, United States Army Corps of Engineers must approve there will be minimal impact to wetlands, there needs to be a revised Photometric Plan (already done), and last, County Health Department must approve the water plan. There was a second and it was approved.

Win Sum Corporation applied for a new electronic sign. The intent is for it to inform visitors on parking, whether the lots are full or not and will have a directional to drop off. They feel it will be the best way to inform the visitors. It will be a 36.5 sq. ft. ground sign with a 15.7 sq. ft. digital display. There was a motion to approve the sign with the following conditions: digital display will not change more than two times per day, it will be a static image no animation or flashing, the minimum number of colors needed to convey the message will be used, the sign will not be bright enough to impair or distract driver’s vision, and last, it will be located 23 feet away from the inside of the curb. There was a second and the board approved the sign.

There were slight corrections to the minutes; the discussion regarding the Comprehensive Plan Chapter 8 will be retracted as it is just discussion and no matters were finalized. The board made a motion to approved the corrected minutes from the July 2017 meeting, there was a second and it was approved.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the TPB will be on Sept. 25, 2017 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall.