Bob-and-Bobby Bob Byledbal

The Allegany State Park Historical Society (ASPHS) will hold its monthly meeting on July 20 at 1 p.m. at Camp Allegany in the group camp school building classroom.

Bob Byledbal will be putting on another exciting and electrifying presentation, this one on the “History of the Park Dances” through the years, as well as the Park Dance Halls.

If you do decide to come, when entering the park at the toll entrance booth, just tell them that you are here for the historical society meeting and you should not be charged the $7 entrance fee.

Camp Allegany is located on the Red House side of the park, just past Red House Lake on ASP Route 2. After getting off the Red House Exit 19 of the Southern Tier Expressway (I-86) and heading into the park, there will be signs posted along the way to direct you how to get there.

Bob Byledbal and his family started at Allegany with the park concessions back in 1951 until March of 1979, with Bob operating the park stores, Quaker Pavilion, and both the Quaker Dance Hall and also Red House Dance Pavilion.

Please keep in mind that every ASPHS meeting is always open to the public to attend.

“We would truly love to see you and talk park history with you or answer any questions that you may have,” said Bob Schmid, director of ASPHS.