By Rick Miller

The 90-year-old Allegany State Park Red House Administration Building is in line for a $2.5 million upgrade.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that the Administration Building restoration would include exterior windows and doors, masonry and drainage. The building opened in 1928.

Jay Bailey, Allegany Region director, told the Allegany Region Commission last week the project is expected to go out for bid this summer. No timeline for the work has been established.

The original exterior windows and doors will be removed and taken off-site for restoration, Bailey said. There will be temporary window coverings while the windows are renovated. They will then be reinstalled.

Also part of the project are new sidewalks in front of the Administration Building and renovations to the park police headquarters.

Four additional projects worth $150,000 for Allegany State Park are included in the 2018 state budget:

• Install bear-proof food lockers in park campgrounds — $75,000.

• Resurface trail from Thunder Rocks to Little Ireland — $55,000.

• Resurface Lower Patterson/Bova Ski Trail — $55,000.

• Rehabilitate Horse Trail No. 11 and Camp 10-12 Power Lines Trail — $15,000.

Bailey said the park is still trying to recover from the devastating March 21 snowstorm that felled trees and cut power to parts of the 65,000-acre park for four weeks. The Administration Building was powered by a generator for a week, he said,

“We struggled for weeks,” Bailey said.

Electricians and other crews from Niagara Falls State Park and Letchworth State Park responded to help clear trees and restore power. Some trails and seasonal roads are still closed as crews focused on restoring power first.

“It was so widespread, it took our focus off normal spring operations,” Bailey said. “Everyone stepped up and worked together, including people from other parks.”

As of last week, ASP Route 1 between Red House and Quaker remained closed due to storm damage.

“Things are almost back to normal,” Bailey said. “We’re making progress every day. We’re in good shape at this point.”

Memorial Day Weekend is only weeks away.