Artist Statement by Aaron Dolecki

“As humans we try to formulate order. My passion is to explore the unknown by combining various concepts and mediums to create new forms of order”

I used to consider myself a digital artist, but then thought perhaps I am a sculptor. I have recently discovered that I am more of a conceptual artist. I do not like to constrain myself to any one medium, and the work that I have on display here at the Ellicottville Memorial Library is an example of this mentality. This small show is the first of many to come. I really love doing what I do and hope to collaborate with more artists with the same mindset this year.

I graduated Jamestown Community College with Best in Show at the annual student exhibition. Now, I am currently working on my Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Last semester, I traveled abroad to study in the United Kingdom. There in England, I studied Digital Communication in the city of Wolverhampton. Even when I traveled, I also devoted my time to studying and documenting art and design while in a different country. I have returned with these experiences to start working towards my senior show in May 2014.

My art is on display throughout the month of February. There is a bronze sculpture, a digital drawing and several framed traditional prints. You will also find detailed descriptions on each of the works. I hope you might find my work inspiring.

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