By Alicia Dziak

Late last week, the Armor Inn in Ellicottville announced that it was closing its doors for good.

The Ellicottville location of the Armor Inn, located behind the Kwik Fill in the heart of the Village, opened in December 2014. It was open daily, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offered live music many nights, which added to the EVL night life scene.

“When I first looked at the property, I was enthused and hopeful that it would have a good chance of success,” said owner JC Seneca. “But unfortunately, many factors played into my decision to close.”

One factor, he said, was the lack of snow and lack of people in town during the last two winters, which quickly became a challenge.

“The winters weren’t what we had hoped for,” Seneca noted. “And in the off season we tried to build up our local clientele during Bike Days in partnership with the Wingate, which was unfortunately met with opposition.”

When fall hit, the Armor Inn went to an abbreviated schedule, reopening in full swing only for Fall Festival weekend.

“It’s sad for me to close,” Seneca said. “I really had high hopes and a lot of ideas. We made an effort to become a part of the community and to fit in.”

Seneca says that, despite the challenges, “All in all, it was a great experience for all of us. I can’t thank the employees enough, who worked hard to produce a good product, and I’d like to thank everyone who came in there, as well as the local businesses that supported us.”

While the EVL location is now closed, luckily, there is another location that’s not too far away. Head to the Armor Inn Hamburg, at 5381 Abbott Road, for all your favorite brews, wings, BBQ, and live bands. For more info, visit

“Life goes on,” Seneca said. “Ellicottville is a great place to be and great place to do business and I wish everyone there the best of luck.”