The WiseMouth Founders, Athena Taddei on the left, and Julian Wise, right, hard at work trying to break 200 cities in 6 continents
The WiseMouth Founders, Athena Taddei on the left, and Julian Wise, right, hard at work trying to break 200 cities in 6 continents

By Jennie Acklin

Julian Wise loves the Ellicottville community and has been a homeowner in the village for over 35 years. He has spent 37 years as a financial advisor in Toronto, Ontario.

Just recently, he wrote a book titled “I Don’t Know What to Say”, and it completely changed his perspective.

The process of finding a publisher to print it, then considering self-publishing, pushed him to create WiseMouth Media Inc., along with co-creator Athena Taddei, who brought marketing expertise to the business.

Monday, March 17 marked the official launch of WiseMouth Media Inc., with a healthy goal of acquiring 7 million members from around the globe. And it’s a FREE membership! The most recent tabulation totaled memberships in 200 cities, 19 countries, 11 subcontinents and 6 continents, with the numbers increasing daily.

Learn from others. Share your wisdom. Publish your brilliance.

WiseMouth is a “free, member-based website and publishing company supporting and encouraging the sharing of wisdom, philosophies, insight, feelings, memories and experiences.”

According to, “With the world connected on-line through texts, links, photos and laughs, we believe there is no better time than now to provide a platform that encourages these same people to share meaningful content based on personal experiences that will help the world at large navigate through some of the most exciting, challenging and difficult periods of life.”

“We believe that ordinary people can have extraordinary impacts on others simply by sharing their experiences and stories,” said Wise. “Our main purpose is to develop a databank of wisdom written by our members on topics from Adventure to Vulnerability, with over 150 other topics in between to inspire and teach.”

What the creators are currently looking for is a forever-growing number of individuals to boldly post/contribute their wisdom and experiences on a regular basis. From these entries, WiseMouth™ Media Inc. will publish an ongoing series of books, based on individual topics with multiple authors/contributors, single-authored/contributor mini-books, as well as full non-fiction and fiction manuscripts.

Contributors can get published by WiseMouth in three easy ways.

One way is to submit a fiction or non-fiction original manuscript as a new or emerging writer. If you’ve already been published traditionally or have self-published, you can still send in your manuscripts.

A second way to get published is to be part of a topic-specific collection (topics listed on their website). Content is chosen based on how many people you have inspired with your story by popular demand. Their website has been developed to calculate and display these stats.

The final way to get your name in print is to submit your own collection of stories on various topics.

Even if you aren’t chosen for publishing, your story still has value. If it touches even one heart, wouldn’t that be reason enough to join and share? Wise encourages everyone to “share your extraordinary stories.”

Wise loves what he does and commented, “How great to find a passion in communication!”

For more information, visit or navigate to their Facebook page, WiseMouth Media Incorporated.