100_1128[1]by Jalee Evans, Elementary Student Correspondent

Zombies, witches, and ninjas, oh my! If you went to the annual Ellicottville Halloween Parade last Thursday, you would have seen kids dressed up like this.

Grades Pre-K through 5 were participating in the Ellicottville Central School’s Halloween Parade. The students could walk around Ellicottville and receive candy from generous parents, shop owners, and relatives and, of course, show off their crazy costumes!

If you went to this event, you could see that some of the Pre-K students had costumes that were themed off “Power Rangers’’ and there were many ninja-like costumes throughout the grades.

Many students and teachers dressed up as “Duck Dynasty” characters, and Mrs. Moore, a fifth grade teacher, dressed up as a player for her favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. The elementary gym teacher, Mr. Mendell, and his daughter dressed up like characters from “Toy Story.” You could also see many sports players like soccer, football, and even softball. Fuzzy monsters were also a popular costume, and so were cowgirls and cowboys.

The costumes were definitely unforgettable this year, from Dorothy to Batman. If you’re looking for some fun, be sure to come on down to the annual Ellicottville Halloween Parade next year.