By Ginna Hensel

Clients become family at the local Rover Makeovers at 16 Elizabeth St. in Ellicottville. A family-run business by Teresa Wagner and her daughter, Rover Makeovers has been part of the community for over a decade. Here, an emphasis is placed on pet comfort and safety.

Rover Makeovers puts an emphasis on safety and comfort by allowing owners to stay with their pets during grooming and treatments.

“It puts pets at ease when they can see their owner,” said Wagner, “We want all of our clients to feel safe and comfortable.”

Wagner originally started out in the service industry but decided to go through the necessary steps to open her current business. After earning her certification and taking some classes, she was ready to open Rover Makeovers.

Wagner’s love for animals, especially dogs, has been apparent almost her whole life.  

“My family are animal lovers and I grew up loving animals,” she said. “That love never diminished. I continue to love animals to this day which makes my job the best.”

While they typically see dogs, Wagner said some other clients include guinea pigs, cats and rabbits. Rover Makeovers offers grooming and flea treatments. Grooming includes a comb, bath, shave, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

“The most rewarding part of my job is people and pets,” she said. “You become close with your clients, especially the returning locals. You get to know the person and the pet on a more personal level. We get to create memories together.”

One of those memories is when a client’s dog managed to lock itself in her car with her keys.  Don’t worry! They were able to get the dog out before any harm came to them thanks to the local police.

“We still laugh about it today,” said Wagner, “It has become our own little joke. Every time [this client] comes in we joke and make sure she has her keys.”

In addition, Wagner was quick to explain how she and her clients become family.

“Last year my dog Dorothy was very sick. The Vet wanted me to only feed her low-fat organic meats with sweet potato and venison,” she explained. “Word got out to our customers, so many  [customers] showed up for their appointment, some made a special trip to give me venison, she even got a tenderloin for Christmas.”

Rover Makeovers has brought so many beautiful dogs and people into our lives. Wagner was sure to put an emphasis on how much she enjoys seeing rescue animals.

“The transformation you see when the soap glides off their fur and they start to look happy and healthy again is so rewarding,” she said. “They come in dirty and scared and leave clean and calm.”

In addition to contributing to the upkeep of pets, Rover Makeovers tries to stimulate community action by holding a t-shirt contest. On Facebook, you can vote for your favorite pet. The winner gets a free t-shirt with their picture on it and a pet-friendly basket.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Wagner at (716) 699-8345.