Appropriately, as it is still HoliMont’s 50th anniversary season, last weekend was one for the ages here at the club.  Originally, the annual pond-skimming event was scheduled for Saturday the 30th and then on the docket for Sunday the 31st was an Easter egg hunt for all the little ones at the club.

However, at the last minute, HoliMont was able to book a spot on the Acrobag 2013 Progression Tour.  Led by former professional snowboarder Marc-Andre Tarte, and coming out of Whistler, B.C., this dynamic trio of freestyle enthusiasts travel across the country giving demonstrations on their 50-foot-by-50-foot gold and purple airbag.

If you’ve never hit an airbag, and many at HoliMont had not before last weekend, it’s quite the experience. The airbag helps take some of the risk out of hitting jumps and learning tricks. Landing on a large inflated bag of air is a lot less impact than not stomping your landing when you’re coming off a jump in the terrain park.

The HoliMont FLITE Team was especially thrilled to get news that the Acrobag was going to be at HoliMont all weekend. But it wasn’t just park kids who found the setup entertaining. The airbag attracted mothers, fathers, HoliMont employees, and even some of the HoliMont Ski Patrol took their turn at flying into the air and landing in positions that sometimes would require a visit from ski patrol if they had happened on snow. With the added security of the airbag though, confidence sored and people were having a blast spinning, flipping or just boosting into the air and landing in a nice, forgiving setting.

Additionally, the crew from Acrobag was on hand and offered up a lot of advice on different ways to throw various tricks. By the end of the third day, it was pretty obvious which kids had spent the majority of the weekend on the airbag. Progression was noticeable and the smile on the faces of the kids after they stuck their trick was gigantic.

The Acrobag shut down for a little while on Saturday at noon in order to allow everyone to go and watch the annual pond skimming competition, when 25 brave people flirted with the possibility of an icy-cold disaster in order to have their shot at glory by making it across the 100-foot pool.

The theme for pond skimming was Las Vegas and the participants came dressed to the nines. There were mobsters, blackjack dealers, showgirls, and of course, a couple of guys dressed like Alan from The Hangover (complete with a “child” in a baby carrier).

Needless to say, there was more than a handful that did not complete the trip across the pond. Those who did received a good amount of cheers and the knowledge that they only had to deal with some wet boots. Those who were not so lucky were cheered even more and quickly had to make their way into the chalet to towel off and to change into dry clothes. At the end of the event, prizes were given away for things such as Best Splash, Best Entrance and Best Costume.

Sunday was a much more low-key day at the club, but for those who were here, the Acrobag was still a popular draw. There was an Easter egg hunt that took place in the afternoon, which all the young kids had a blast with as they dug into the snow trying to unearth as many Easter eggs as they could in the allotted time period.

As the season begins to come to a close, moments like last weekend are to be cherished. They create memories that will last well beyond the end of this season. So while the events are certainly fun while they are taking place, the real value that they have is when they are recalled five, 10, even 20 years from now — when people can say, “Remember that time at HoliMont when…”

HoliMont is planning to stay open until April 14, so there is still plenty of time to come out and make more memories of your own.

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