By Deb Everts

Adventure Bound onthefly has been reinvented with the addition of the Ellicottville Coffee Company. Customers will now be able to enjoy a great cup of organic Peruvian coffee while shopping, planning their day or their adventures.

Owners John and Christy Rounds, of Ellicottville, are introducing the next phase of their business by incorporating the new coffee shop into Adventure Bound, their outdoor retail store at 16 Washington St. The new addition will blend an artisanal coffee shop experience with an authentic outdoor store heritage.

The Rounds had a “soft” opening Oct. 5. They are offering handcrafted espresso drinks prepared with Ellicottville Coffee Company’s own small-batch roasted coffee beans, along with the freshest bags of Ellicottville Coffee Company beans to go.

“In addition to offering espresso drinks, our plan is to also evolve into an onsite,  roasting facility. We expect that after trying our coffee, a lot of people will be buying it for friends and family,” Christy said. “We will also offer a subscription service for people who want to make Ellicottville Coffee Company a part of their daily morning ritual.”

Baked goods and grab-n-go foods will soon be offered, along with local maple syrup, jams and jellies and home brewing equipment. Adventure Bound will continue to offer select items from well-known outdoor clothing brands such as Patagonia, Osprey and Howler, as well as guided fly fishing trips, river trips, snowshoe excursions and kayak trips on Spruce Lake at Holiday Valley Resort.

To create space for the new coffee shop area, the Rounds have been offering big discounts in a storewide clearance sale that will continue through Fall Festival weekend. The transformation of their commercial space began Sept. 23.

With the professional help of Eric Rohwetter of Savannah, Ga., family and friends, the Rounds were able to reopen in a very short time. Christy said he spearheaded the whole evolution of the new space to create the Ellicottville Coffee Company.

“Eric is a really intuitive builder, and he has actually done coffee shops and restaurants in Italy,” she said. “He’s the builder who helped us remodel four years ago. He had a narrow window of 10 days to two weeks to do this for us.”

The decorative focus of the coffee shop is two bright orange chairlifts in front of a black chalkboard wall. Christy said her father-in-law, Chris Rounds, brought the chairlifts to their shop from a ski area in northern Michigan, which has been restored with a powder coating and walnut seating. She said the chalkboard wall will be designed by an artist and changed periodically or seasonally. It will be an ideal spot for Instagram pictures and selfies. 

According to Christy, the store was once a hardware store and there are holes in the floor where people could buy rope by the foot. She said huge spools of rope were kept down in the basement. Back in the day, there was a town basketball court upstairs.

ADVENTURE BOUND was originally founded in 1971 by John’s parents, Chris Rounds and Heidi Widger, Christy said. She said it all started as camps for disadvantaged kids to get them outdoors.

“They did a lot of hikes, canoe trips and even a bike trip to Europe,” she said. “The Adventure Bound store supplied the kids with outdoor gear and it was also a ski shop.”

Twenty years later, everyone went their separate ways. In 2015, John and Christy re-opened the store. 

“We evolved through several phases from carrying kayaks and stand up paddleboards to backpacks, tents and camping gear,” she said. “Finally, we decided to capitalize on the big traffic weekends by incorporating a coffee shop into our location.”  

According to Christy, John has been passionate about coffee his entire life, and he always has the latest brewing equipment. She said they have a virtual science lab in their kitchen with all of the different coffee makers he’s used over the years.

In the last three years, the couple have traveled to all of the major coffee-growing regions in the western hemisphere including Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Peru. Christy said they had a combined desire to share their adventure/travel experiences, as well as their coffee experiences with their customers.

“For us, coffee and travel/adventure go hand-in-hand. Coffee is sort of the undercurrent to all of our travels,” she said. “The first thing John does is always look for the best coffee shop in the area so, for him, it’s connected to the travel and the whole adventure experience.”

Christy said they plan their day and adventures with a cup of coffee, and that’s part of what ties Adventure Bound and the Ellicottville Coffee Company together. For them, it’s a natural marriage of two different concepts that are so much a part of their family culture.

Their friend, Ty Simic, has been an integral part of the coffee shop project. Christy said they met him while on their honeymoon on the Inca Trail in Peru, and they’ve been friends ever since. 

“We did a lot of high-altitude climbing all through South America with Ty,” she said. “We climbed in Peru and, in 2000, Mount Aconcagua in the southern Andes, the highest mountain in the western hemisphere.”

According to Christy, Simic’s mother owns a restaurant in Peru, so he has a lot of knowledge in terms of the coffee and what it takes to run a coffee shop. She said he spends half of his year in Peru and half of his year in Ellicottville. 

Christy said their first brew is a Peruvian Single Origin, which is a coffee from the Chirinos Region of Peru. According to Christy, the Chirinos region is known for its authentic coffee-growing heritage. Beans are grown on family farms with ethical growing practices that center around protecting the soil. Age-old practices allow them to grow without pesticides in fair-trade cooperatives. She said their coffee at the Ellicottville Coffee Company is 100-percent organic.

“John and Ty will be visiting the coffee farm later this month and will return with some special beans for the holiday season in Ellicottville,” she said.

To find out more about the dual business, call (716) 217-4047, or visit online at and Facebook.