A crowd favorite last season, the Acrobag Tour will once again drop by HoliMont to help add some additional excitement to the spring skiing/snowboarding season.

“Acrobag came to HoliMont for the first time last season,” said Dash Hegeman, HoliMont marketing director. “We had a very solid experience with Marc-Andre Tarte (Acrobag CEO and former professional snowboarder) and his crew and we’re looking forward to having them back again next week. It was a blast watching people improve their skill set in the air! ”

Acrobag will have two air bags set up this year. One will be specifically for skiers and snowboarders to practice jumps. The other will be for people who want the experience of getting airborne without having to put on skis or a snowboard. This bag will be set up just for snow tubes, which is a feature that Tarte says is always a crowd favorite.

The tour will be at HoliMont March 26–30. As always, HoliMont is closed to the public on the weekends (unless you have a reservation from a HoliMont member), but the public is more than welcome to come and buy a ticket on the weekday and check out the Acrobag tour.

If you want to use the airbag you must: (1) have a valid HoliMont lift ticket and (2) purchase an Acrobag ticket. Acrobag will be offering two jumps for a $10 ticket or an all-day ticket for $30.