What started as some flurries earlier in the week turned into a full-fledged winter storm here in Ellicottville. Or was it a spring storm, since spring technically began on March 20? Either way, the snow was coming down in buckets and we here at HoliMont experienced some very fun, back-to-back-to-back powder days.

Between the night of Tuesday the 19th and the morning of Friday the 22nd, HoliMont received over 18 inches of snow. Considering how last season we closed on March 27, this recent snowfall was an unexpected and extremely welcome shot in the arm to everyone at HoliMont.

Wednesday the 20th was the annual Chamber Day event, sponsored by the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, Dina’s and HoliMont. That morning, you could watch the smiles grow on the faces of people as they stepped out of their cars and looked to the slopes. The snow was pristine and they knew that a great day was waiting for them out on the hill.

It was fantastic to see so many local shops represented at Chamber Day. And with many of the ski shops on hand, it was obvious that some very strong skiers and riders would be ripping through the fresh powder. Whether they were on the steeps, in the trees, or bombing through the moguls, everywhere you looked that day you could see large puffs of snow exploding across the slopes. Enthusiastic yells echoed throughout the glades as people bounced in and out of the trees. The energy level was set to “Red Bull commercial” that day.

By the time the Chamber Day après party began, everyone had clearly made a lot of good turns that day. At that point, it was time to sit back, consume some food, drink some refreshing beverages and rock out with The Party Squad, who were making their second trip to HoliMont in two weeks. The consensus was that when in Ellicottville, one can never have enough Party Squad.

The next morning HoliMont awoke to more snow. Once again, the slopes were covered with fresh snow and the powder hounds were out forming a line at the Exhibition Express, waiting to get first tracks out on their favorite runs. To add to the winter-like scenery, every now and then the snow clouds would break, the sun would peak out and HoliMont would be covered in picturesque blue bird conditions.

On Friday there wasn’t much in the way of sunshine in the forecast, but much to HoliMont’s amazement there was more snow! Three days into spring and three days of consistent snow had people ready for a weekend of fun at the club.

The addition of the new snow had members who were just getting to the club for the first time in a week excited to get out on the slopes. And while HoliMont typically sees a decline in attendance at this point in the season, by and large, everyone who was able to make it out had a nice, relaxed weekend.

As the ski season begins to wind down, we here at HoliMont want to thank all of our amazing members, their friends and anyone who came to visit us midweek (be it individuals or groups) for helping the club celebrate a spectacular 50th anniversary.

And while it has been a season full of very special memories, please keep in mind … it’s not over yet! Spring skiing technically hasn’t even started yet, so stock up on sunscreen and we hope to see you out here making even more fantastic memories.

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