cookie day

By Abby Sonnenberg

ECS Student Reporter

Ah, back to school. This early September time represents a variety of emotions for a variety of people. Toward the end of the summer, every student hears the off-handed comment from their parent: “I can’t wait until September.” The empty nest means an opportunity to have some time for oneself, even if only for eight hours of the day. Students dread the coming workload, the inevitable piles of stress that grow and grow until finals week and then summer comes again.

The ECS Student Council took it upon themselves this year to sweeten the beginning of the school year for all students in an elaborate project involving over 800 individually-packaged Subway cookies. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, a handful of students both in and out of Student Council met about an hour before the start of school to put each of the cookies in plastic bags, with small messages included. In an effort to account for all dietary needs, cookies without dairy, eggs, and gluten were included, and Swedish Fish were given to the kids with other needs.

That morning during everyone’s first period class, each elementary classroom was greeted by a few Student Council members, back-to-school Santa Clauses, giving out cookies. The event served as a chance for Student Council to build their reputation with the elementary kids; the majority of students, with cookies in hand, enthusiastically agreed that they would like to join Student Council when they’re old enough. Whether because of the cookies or because of excitement about the club itself, I suppose we’ll never know. Because of the different schedules for every high-schooler and middle-schooler, cookies were also handed out during lunch to make sure everyone got a chance to share in the fun.

The “Student Council Sponsored-Cookie Day” found its way all the way up to the administration of the school. Erich Ploetz, ECS principal and Student Council advisor, was especially satisfied with the turnout. “I believe it was a light-hearted and enjoyable welcome back gift for all students on campus,” Ploetz commented. “I want to thank our Student Council president, Ginna Hensel, for establishing the idea and seeing it through.”

Hensel shared in the excitement. “A success!” she confirmed. “Eight hundred cookies later and the whole school was grinning ear to ear. But StuCo couldn’t have done it without the help of the volunteers; they deserve a round of applause for bagging each individual cookie. It was a little bit of a bumpy road to Cookie Day but seeing the elementary students cheer as we delivered their cookies was well worth it! Special thanks to Ashlee Bapst, the district manager of Ellicottville’s Subway, for donating 450 of the total cookies to Student Council! I really hope to have created a long-standing tradition here are ECS.”

If a tradition is something Hensel hopes to achieve, she just may have done it with this event. A week later, people are still buzzing about Student Council and their cookies. My own sister, a sixth-grader, is overwhelming in her excitement to join the organization as soon as she can. Few things can bring a true smile to students in the first few weeks of school as they settle back into the schedule, but the myth has been confirmed: cookies make everything better!