Things look just a little bit different with this week’s edition of the Ellicottville Times.

And while the changes aren’t revolutionary, we thought we’d take some time to let you know what’s different.

Well, simply put, the only difference is 2 inches.

Beginning with this edition, the Ellicottville Times is being printed on 22-inch paper rolls after being printed on 24-inch paper rolls since its inception.

The change came after our company, which also owns and prints the Olean Times Herald, The Bradford Era, The Salamanca Press and the Springville Times, was faced with the ever-mounting problem of finding a steady supply of newsprint rolls in the 24-inch-wide format.

Our publisher, Jim Bonn, said 22-inch paper is becoming more and more the standard in community newspaper printing.

“We felt like we had to make the transition now to ensure we maintain a good relationship with paper vendors, which are producing more 22-inch rolls for the industry,” he said. “It won’t be long before the 24-inch rolls may come at premium pricing, and we are trying to avoid a situation of increasing costs for the pressroom.”

The change has allowed us in the newsroom to reevaluate how things look and how they are laid out each week and we made some subtle changes.

Most of them — including minor changes in fonts — probably passed without readers’ notice. We aim each week to not only have the best content for you but also have that content presented in an appealing fashion. These subtle changes we hope will improve the look of this newspaper.

And keep in mind this size change is only visual — we won’t be reducing the number of local stories and photos and all our features remain intact and unchanged.

We hope you’ll find these subtle changes to improve the look and feel of the Ellicottville Times and we continue our mission to serve Ellicottville and the surrounding area.