A Letter from the Members of the Ellicottville Town Board

Dear Friends,

On the ballot in the upcoming Nov. 4 election will be a question posed to Ellicottville voters, which will read as follows:


“Shall Local Law No. 2 of 2014 of the Town of Ellicottville, which provides that the elected office of Town Superintendent of Highways be abolished and the appointed office of Town Superintendent of Highways be created, be approved and adopted?”

The Ellicottville Town Superintendent of Highways is currently an elected position. After many discussions, the Town Board adopted a motion to give the voters of Ellicottville a choice in the Nov. 4 election; the choice of whether or not the Town Superintendent of Highways should continue to be elected, or should be appointed by the elected Town Board.

The Town Superintendent of Highways would be appointed only if you, the voters, give us the authority to do so!

We want to provide some information to the voters of Ellicottville who will make this choice on Election Day, because we feel that this is a very important decision. Be assured that we are not, in any way, attempting to take away your rights but are rather giving you another choice.

As we look into the future and see the possible development, we see a new set of skills required for the job. Expanded requirements may include knowledge of engineering as well as water, wastewater and buildings.  Below are bullet points that contain crucial information regarding this matter:

Unlike an elected Town Superintendent of Highways, an appointed Town Superintendent of Highways would be accountable to the Town Board; therefore, the Town Board would become responsible for the actions of the Town Superintendent of Highways. Members of the Town Board are elected by you!

Town Board members would not have the authority to appoint anyone they wish as the Town Superintendent of Highways; rather, the appointee must meet Civil Service eligibility criteria, which would include several years of road building/construction, cost estimating and maintenance experience.

Nearly all counties and villages across New York State have Public Works Superintendents that are appointed by their respective Village Trustees and County Legislators; that has worked very well and, in our opinion, an appointed Town Superintendent of Highways would be no different!

A YES vote on this proposition will not affect the current Town Superintendent of Highways elected status; if approved, the local law takes effect at the end of the current term or upon the retirement or resignation of the current Town Superintendent of Highways.

These are just a few of the reasons that we believe this would be a desirable change for Town of Ellicottville residents. We stress that this is a choice for you, the voter, to decide.

A YES vote on this proposition would support the proposal that the Town Superintendent of Highways be appointed by the Town Board, and a NO vote would signal support for the Town Superintendent of Highways to continue to be elected.

We encourage you to support this measure, but in the end, it’s up to you to make that choice!  Thank you for your consideration.

John Burrell, Steve Crowley, Greg Fitzpatrick, Ken Hinman, Rick Jackson

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