By Mary Fox

‘Help Us Help Others’ 

Motto of 700 Club

Everyone is welcome to come to the Ken Brown 700 Club Fundraiser, this Saturday, March 2 at noon at Holiday Valley’s Yodeler Lodge. There is a $6 donation for food and beverages. Ken loved outrageous clothes so be creative and do Ken proud!

Sponsors include the Sunshine Boys, a group of guys that Ken Brown named for being out enjoying a sunny day.

It will be a great time to share your memories of Ken Brown the founder of the 700 Club, a very special man who will always occupy a very special place in our memory and hearts. But memories  can  be elusive. They can slip in and out of our conscience at strange times. They can be drawn out by association, or we can conjure them  up at will.  Some lie just below the surface awaiting  a simple reference to them. However, they arrive, it is always a joy to share them with others.

This Saturday, Ken’s family, friends and acquaintances will share their memories of him as they carry on the tradition of the 700 Club that he formed in 2000.

In his honor, the name of the club has been changed from the 700 Club to the Ken Brown 700 Club. The original 10 members were skiers 70 or older. The group has grown to over 50 and includes anyone age 70 or over who wants to put in $50 and work at the annual fundraiser.  Other than bragging rights, that is the sole purpose of the club. “Help Us, help Others” is their motto. Each year, more local organizations and charities are helped by the club.

Funds come from membership dues, admission donation for the fundraiser, a 50-50 drawing and a live auction with prizes provided  by the community, retail businesses, restaurants, CCB Bank, local artists and wood crafters, baskets made up by individuals, bottles of wine, ski clothing, and a 2013 weekday season pass donated by both Holiday Valley and HoliMont. Anyone who would like to donate an item, please call Les Fox at (716) 945-1176.

The original benefactors of the 700 Club fundraising were the Alley Katz, a group of lady volunteers who have been responsible for the beautiful flower plantings, boxes and barrels that grace our village streets in the summer. You can recognize them by their yellow T-shirts, as one day each week they get together to look after the flowers. When their work is done you can find them outside Dina’s restaurant enjoying a cup of coffee and each other’s company.

If you would like to join the Ken Brown 700 Club, call Dave Jones at (716) 699-8335 or Les Fox at (716) 945-1176.

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