700 Club fundraiser 3-1-13 005

On March 3, The Ken Brown 700 Club will hold its annual fundraising luncheon and auction to raise money for local charities. There’s nothing like the smell of sausages and barbecue mingling with the whoosh of passing skiers.

The luncheon will be held at noon at the Pavilion by Yodeler Lodge at Holiday Valley.   The auctions will be both live and silent, with bidders competing to buy many valuable items relating to skiing or Ellicottville.  Money raised will be donated to several local deserving organizations. They include The Ellicottville Memorial Library,  Ellicottville Family Charities, The Alley Katz, The Cattaraugus County SPCA, the Arboretum, Almost Home Animal Sanctuary, and the Ellicottville Recreational Trail.  Last year, the group’s donations totaled more than $9,000.   So on March 3, bring your appetite and some spare cash and join the 700 Club for a lovely lunch and a fun and lively auction.  A $10 donation is required for your lunch ticket. Lots of food, desserts, drinks, and raffles will provide the merriment.

Membership in Ken Brown’s 700 Club has simple requirements: You must be 70 or about to be 70, (hence the 700 in the name).  Still being an active skier is optional.   The group has been holding the luncheon/auction for about as long as anybody can remember, and over the years has donated almost $70,000 local charities.  That’s a lot of goodwill.

Ken Brown started the 700 Club in 2000 just prior to his 70th birthday.  Known for his sense of humor and outrageous sense of style, Ken formed the club with friends who shared his generosity.  Originally, the club had just a handful of members, but almost 20 years later the group has swelled to about 80 members.  All of them take the group’s motto seriously, “help us help others.”  Anyone interested in donating an item for the auction should call Ron Moro 699-2061 of Dave Jones 699-8335.