drugs2By Jaylee Evans

ECS Elementary School Correspondent

This week was Red Ribbon Week at ECS. During Red Ribbon Week, kids (grades Pre-K through 12) learn to stay away from drugs. All of the elementary students and some middle school students enjoyed decorating their doors. This year’s theme was “Team Up Against Drugs.” To kick off Red Ribbon Week, all students were encouraged to wear red. The winners of the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest were Mrs. Keller’s kindergarten class, Mrs. Bower’s first grade class, Mrs. Donoghue’s third grade class and my own class, Mrs. Moore’s fifth grade.

There is also a Web site you can log onto to sign the Red Ribbon pledge. This pledge is about teaching other kids about the life-threatening dangers of drug abuse. The Web site you can visit is www.redribbon.org/pledge.

Did you know that Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation? If you want to show that you’re anti-drug, you can wear red or organize a group that discusses drug-free worlds.

So, Red Ribbon Week is a very big deal, especially for Ellicottville Central School.