Nature Valley NASTAR, the world’s largest recreational ski and snowboard race program, is now in its 26th season at  Holiday Valley.

If you can comfortably ski Cindy’s Run, you can handle this “entry level” dual or single giant slalom race.

Once you get your NASTAR number, you can use that every year.

Nastar operates Wednesdays through Sundays and certain holidays from 12:30 to 4 p.m., and the season runs through mid-March.

NASTAR racing rates are $8 for adults and juniors, and $12 for unlimited.

Each time you race Nature Valley NASTAR, you could win a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze medal depending on the handicap you earn. Depending on the number of times you race, you will also receive a national (5 races needed), state (2 races needed) and a resort ranking (1 race needed) in your age and gender category in your division, which will allow you to compare your race results to other competitors across the country. Holiday Valley has produced some national champions!

Handicap For Non-Alpine Skiers

Snowboarders, telemarkers and physically challenged racers receive handicap discounts toward winning Nature Valley NASTAR medals and scoring points for their team(s) only. The actual handicap earned is the handicap that is recorded and posted on your Race Record.

Team Racing

Holiday Valley NASTAR Team Racing is a great way for friends and family members to compete together during the season regardless of when and where they race.

Each time a team member races at a Nature Valley NASTAR resort, they score points for their team, no matter what resort!

NASTAR has created three team formats for participants to join – Family/Friends Team, Resort Team and Club Team. Participants can join an existing team or create a team of their own.

For race results, visit and click on where to race, Holiday Valley.  Results are usually posted at 5 p.m. every day and all past results are archived.

Registration is at or at the Cindy’s Run NASTAR start ramp.

For more information, visit