By Caitlin Croft

This past weekend, Holiday Valley and HoliMont alpine race team athletes and their families packed up their cars and headed to New England for multiple post-season races.

Piche Invitational

U14/U12 athletes competed in the Piche Invitational in Gunstock, NH.  Day one was a Giant Slalom and day two a Slalom.

U12 Giant Slalom, Women: Holiday Valley’s Alison Martin had a breakthrough race, finishing 7th.  She was also the top NY racer at the event! Mary Catherine Mangan (HO) came in 19th, followed by teammates Charleigh Priestman (32nd), Madalyn Cummings (33rd), Simona Muscarella (37th), Gianna Ferrara (44th) and Heather Dunlap (56th).

U12 Giant Slalom, Men: Erik Shattenberg of Holiday Valley finished 16th on the day; he was the second best first-year U12 boy, giving him a lot to look forward to next year should he return to this championship race! HoliMont’s Logan Kidd finished 29th.

U14 Giant Slalom, Women: Nyah Solly of HoliMont placed 40th and teammate Megan Peters finished 54th.  Alaina Lah of Holiday Valley took 67th; this was Alaina’s first year racing, so huge kudos to her for making it to this final race of the season!

U12 Slalom, Women: Alison Martin placed 19th overall, followed by HoliMont’s Simona Muscarella (23rd), Charleigh Priestman (29th), Mary Catherine Mangan (30th) and Madalyn Cummings (34th).

U12 Slalom, Men: Erik Shattenberg cracked the top seed, taking 10th in his Piche Invitational debut. HoliMont’s Ian McKenna finished the day in 44th.

U14 Slalom,Women: Alaina Lah (HV) finished 47th.

U16 Eastern Championships

The U16 Eastern Championships were held at Sunday River in Maine. This event consisted of four total races; two Slalom races and two Giant Slalom races.  Unfortunately, due to snow conditions and safety concerns, the Super G was cancelled.

Day One Slalom, Women: Devynn Martin of Holiday Valley finished 28th, the only athlete to finish the difficult day.

Day Two Slalom, Women: Devynn Martin finished 32nd, followed directly by teammate Anya Elizondo in 33rd and Candice Kasahara took 59th.

Day Two Slalom, Men: HoliMont’s Gage Thibodeau placed 25th and Andrew Mangan (HO) finished 40th.

Day Three Giant Slalom, Women: Holiday Valley’s Candice Kasahara took 42nd, Anya Elizondo  finished in 56th and Devynn Martin took 65th.

Day Three Giant Slalom, Men: Holiday Valley’s Nathan Briselden finished 25th, his best result of the weekend. HoliMont’s Gage Thibodeau took 29th, followed by teammates Andrew Mangan (34th) and Carson Foxcroft (36th).

Day Four Giant Slalom, Women: Holiday Valley’s Candice Kasahara finished 49th, Anya Elizondo came next at 50th and Devynn Martin was 54th.

Day Four Giant Slalom, Men: Andrew Mangan (HO) had the best result from the two clubs finishing 20th and teammate Gage Thibodeau had his personal best with a 24th place.

U16 Eastern Finals

U16 Eastern Finals were held at Okemo Mountain in Vermont.  This race consisted of one Giant Slalom and one Slalom. The Super G was cancelled due to lack of snow.

Giant Slalom, Women: Holiday Valley’s Katherine Wojnowski cracked the top ten with a 6th place finish! Teammate Taylor Hubert finished 15th, Zoe Knauss (HO) finished 20th and Paige Duffy (HV) was 32nd.

Giant Slalom, Men: Nicholas Scott of HoliMont placed 42nd and Joshua Allegra of Holiday Valley finished 44th.

Slalom, Women: Katherine Wojnowski (HV) finished 24th, Zoe Knauss (HO) was 31st and Paige Duffy (HV) took 34th.

Slalom, Men: Nicholas Scott (HO) placed 16th and Joshua Allegra (HV) took 37th.

U21/U19 Eastern Finals

U21/U19 Eastern Finals took place closer to home at Gore Mountain in New York.  This race featured one Giant Slalom and two Slaloms.

Giant Slalom, Men: David Flaherty of HoliMont took 4th while John Carbaugh of Holiday Valley finished 7th and Jacob Flaherty (HO) placed 14th.

Slalom #1, Women: Katrina Surdyka finished 17th.

Slalom #1, Men: David Flaherty continued his success with a 5th place finish, while brother Jacob took 12th.

Slalom #2, Men: John Carbaugh (HV) finished the weekend at 22nd.

For most Holiday Valley and HoliMont alpine athletes, this wraps up an extremely successful season. Congratulations and thank you again to all competitors, parents, coaches, management and fans for the exciting season!

Next week, the U14 athletes travel to Eastern Championships. Good luck to all and safe travels!