By Caitlin Croft

Photo by Ron Grucela

The regular racing season has come to an end and all of the athletes who compete at Holiday Valley and HoliMont are to be congratulated for their dedication and hard work. The season was full of trials and tribulations with the lackluster weather and limited training time.  Despite all of this, the athletes handled it all with grace and composure.

Holiday Valley wrapped up the U14/U12/U10 season with the annual Kandahar Festival.  This race is the final chance for U14 athletes to move on to post-season races. It consisted of two races: a Kombi and a Giant Slalom.   

The following athletes will be travelling to Hunt Hollow next weekend for the U14/U12 Kandahar Championships.

Holiday Valley: Alison Martin (U12) qualified, as did Megan Williams (U12), Erik Shattenberg (U12), Carson Corey (U12) and Alaina Lah (U14). Harry Scanlon was invited as a U10 following his spectacular performance.

HoliMont: Mary Catherine Mangan (U12) was invited, along with teammates Madalyn Cummings (U12), Charleigh Priestman (U12), Gianna Ferrara (U12), Isabella Stringer (U12), Heather Dunlap (U12), Sarah Kelly (U12), Cameron Johnson (U12), Logan Kidd (U12), Ian McKenna (U12), Blake Preston (U12), Nyah Solly (U14), Maddie Welch (U14), Amanda Arteaga (U14), Megan Peters (U14), Will Knauss (U14) and David Rintoul (U14). Carissa Dunlap & Dougie Basadur, both U10, also qualified for Kandahar Championships due to their fantastic racing at Kandahar Festival this past weekend.

Also last weekend, area U16 athletes traveled to Whiteface for their State Championships and the U21/U19 athletes competed at Gore Mountain.

U16 Athletes will move on to one of three post-season races: CanAM held at Mount Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, March 20– 23; the Eastern Championships at Sugarloaf, ME, March 10-15; or the Eastern Finals at Okemo Mountain, VT, March 12-15.

U21/U19 athletes will return to Gore Mountain for Eastern Finals March 11– 14.

U16 CanAM Team: Anya Elizondo (HV) and Gage Thibodeau (HO).

U16 Eastern Champs Team:  Anya Elizondo (HV), Candice Kasahara (HV), Max Carbaugh (HV), Nathan Briselden (HV), Gage Thibodeau (HO), Andrew Mangan (HO) and Carson Foxcroft (HO).

U16 Eastern Finals Team: Devynn Martin (HV), Katie Wojnowski (HV), Paige Duffy (HV), Taylor Hubert (HV), Michael Mercer (HV), Zoe Knauss (HO), Maxx Solly (HO) and Nick Scott (HO).

U21/U19 Eastern Finals Team: Katrina Surdyka (HV), John Carbaugh (HV), Sophie Richards (HO), David Flaherty (HO) and Jacob Flaherty (HO).

Tune in next week for results from the Kandahar Championships and the U14 States.