By Alicia Dziak

If you’re one of the thousands of people who make Allegany State Park part of your annual vacation plans, your options for staying in the park are about to get even better. Tucked up in the hill behind Quaker Lake, 15 new cottages are under construction in Cain Hollow.

“Ten of the 15 foundations have been completed to date, so those units will be built this winter,” explained Jay Bailey, Regional Director, OPRHP -Allegany Region. “The remaining five cottage foundations will likely be poured in the spring.” The target completion date of all 15 cottages is May 1.

The cottages are being constructed by ASP Partners, LLC under a 20-year license. “The funds to construct the cottages are derived privately by ASP Partners, LLC, and through a grant awarded to them through the Regional Economic Development Council,” noted Bailey.

The new builds will have a familiar feel to them. “The cottages will be similar in structure to the Bova and Parallel cottages, but they will have a different appearance due to changes in the siding used. They will also be slightly smaller, and intended only for three-season use,” Bailey said. “These units will be full-service lodging facilities just like Bova and Parallel in that they will have a kitchen with all the necessary appliances with utensils, full bathroom with towel service. The two twin beds will include linens.” Overall size of the cottages is 24’ X 24’ with an 8’ porch.

According to Bailey, once opened, “State Park staff will be operating and maintaining these cottages on a daily basis once they open; however, ASP Partners, LLC will be responsible for capital repairs throughout the term of the license.”

Come spring, the cottages can be reserved through www.reservamerica.com.

On the other side of the park, patrons will find a popular cabin trail has had a makeover. The Ryan Trail, located on the Red House side along ASP 2, consists of 10 cabins, which were all renovated this past summer and fall.

“All 10 of the Ryan Trail cabins (originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps) received renovations of the main ‘building envelope’.  Work included new roofs, copper chimney flashing, painting of the exteriors, repointing of stone masonry, siding repair as needed, along with other structural repairs, as required, to get the cabins all back into good condition and ready for many more years of service,” explained park manager Tom Livak.

Livak said that even Cabin No. 9, which had previously been closed for many years, was renovated, along with the emergency hold cabin No. 8.

Those familiar with the park are sure to understand the popularity of this cabin trail, as it features spacious cabins and a private setting overlooking Red House Brook.

“Ryan cabins are a bit unique from other cabin trails in that they each have a fireplace,” added Livak. “These particular cabins date back to the 1930s and do have a unique look compared to some of our other typical cabin designs at Allegany. While all the Ryan cabins are similar to each other in design, they are not exactly the same. They are also larger with multiple rooms—two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen area. Many Ryan cabins also have screened porches.”

These three-season cabins are closed in the winter, but will reopen to visitors in May; reservations can be made now on www.reserveamerica.com. (A total of nine cabins will appear for rent on Ryan Trail, and Cabin No. 8, the one with only one bedroom, will likely remain as the emergency hold cabin.)

Livak noted that other cabins within the park are slated to be renovated as well.

“We are working on developing a rehabilitation project for Reed, Indian, and Circle Trails for completion in 2018,” he said.  “This project will also focus on similar aspects of the “building envelope” – piers, siding, porch, structural and floor repairs, painting, new roofs along with new porches and steps where needed.”